A Graduation Affair: Kelsey

I might have to start making this an actual segment or something. Wait, hold on. Rewind. Hello, everyone! How are you? I hope this day is treating you well (you know, once this day actually gets underway seeing as it is only shortly after midnight where I am). Now we can move on…I might have to start making this an actual segment or something! Who knew that people would actually want me to take their senior pictures. Erica? Yes. I saw that coming considering our friendship. But when my friend Kelsey approached me about doing her senior portraits for her, I couldn’t say no. One, I like photography too much and can always use the practice, and two, Kelsey is a total sweetheart and I could never dream of saying no to her. I was quite pleased with how her photos turned out, and I am proud to post some of my favorites below:

As aforementioned, Kelsey is a total sweetheart. Like, I’ve met some really nice people in my short 21 years on this planet, but Kelsey is easily the nicest person I know. (That’s not to say that she doesn’t occasionally show some spunk, but those moments are very few and far between.) I like people who are significantly nicer than me because it makes working with them really simple. This may have been one of the quickest, easiest photo shoots I’ve ever done. No difficulties. No weird faces. No overly dramatic poses. Just a very natural Kelsey who was willing to do anything I asked of her…even lie down in tick-infested grass (I have a thing about ticks. I don’t really know why…)

I actually feel like I learned more about Kelsey as we went about this photo session, particularly during the sequence from whence this photo came. This was taken out by the cross-country trail. It’s way away from campus, though the land still belongs to the college. And as we trekked to this beautiful area, Kelsey and I talked about a bunch of different stuff (I really like talking to my models in between shots). I learned that, though Kelsey is normally ridiculously shy and quiet, she loves performing. She’s a tap dancer of over ten years. Of course, I asked her why she hasn’t been in any of the yearly talent shows on campus, and she admitted to not liking performing solo, but still. I never would have pegged her for the performing type. Yet those are the things that make people so interesting.

I think Kelsey is quite the amazing young woman. I only met her a year ago, last summer when we worked together tutoring little kids who needed help with reading. Kelsey is an elementary education major, and after she completes her student teaching in the fall, she’ll graduate in December and be off in the real world doing something I really respect: educating people. And she’s going to be so good at it. Kelsey is patient and kind and willing to help anyone who needs it. And as a huge advocate for teachers and education, I stand behind her 1000%.

But of course, there is also that part of me that just finds Kelsey adorable. She honestly looks like a little kid, and there’s nothing wrong with that  (I mean, let’s be real here. I have always looked older than I really am. My age is finally catching up to my face…and the rest of my body [that was awkward to write and probably even more awkward to read…], and I would kill to look like a kid). Kelsey has a conservative, yet chique sense of style. In the above photo, her cheek bones look really good. Don’t really know why that’s what I chose to notice, but it was and I’m sticking with it.

I honestly just find Kelsey to be a very adorable, amazing person. She doesn’t always think so, which I think is why we can relate, but behind all of the little bouts of self-doubt is someone who is going to make a change in the world someday. And isn’t that kind of the purpose of being a college graduate?


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