Memories Part 1: Felicita

Well hello there. It’s Wednesday (and a very eventful Wednesday at that. I’ll tell you about it soon, when my nerves are no longer malfunctioning), and I’m so glad that I am slowly closing in on my first weekend of vacation time. With a little less than a week of class left followed by two days of work, I am starting to become very restless. So what do I do to occupy my time? Post stuff on my blog, of course! I’ve been mentioning a lot lately about how I’ve recently been revisiting photos from photo shoots past. Well, today I have the first post truly devoted to this. We begin with Felicita because, well, who better to start with than the model who frequents my photography more than anyone else? Let’s take a little trip back in time:

Warning: Throughout the course of this “revisiting the past” phase I’m going through, you will find that I have done some major editing on a lot of these images, even to the point of over-processing them. I don’t normally do much to my photos save for add a little contrast to make colors pop or make them black-and-white or occasionally isolate a color or cross-process them. Remember, I’m very much all about natural photos (if you have a pimple on your face, oh well. It’s more than likely going to stay there). But I decided to do a little experimenting this time around. So just try to ignore some of the heavy processing.









Felicita has been one of my models for three years now (a testament to her quality as a model and her loyalty to supporting my hobby). So it should come as no surprise that I have a million photos of her from my many photo sessions. Even as freshmen, part of our friendship was founded on her love of pictures and hinged on my desire to continue to flourish as a photographer.

In three years, I have found myself gaining more and more experience as a photographer simply from working with Felicita. Some of my best images and new techniques have come from working with her, the Littlest Latina. She brings something interesting to the table (and I’m not just referring to the standard trip to the local Mexican restaurant after each photo session).









There is always a sort of character to the images that Felicita produces. I’m always finding myself doing the craziest of things when photographing Feli. She’s the kind of person who will climb a tree while I lie in a ditch to get an image. She’s the kind of model who will change outfits in the middle of the street to save time while we’re working. (I think this is why I call our hangout sessions “Adventures with the Littlest Latina.” Everything we do is an adventure.)

And that sense of adventure is in every photo Felicita takes. It makes for fun memories and wonderful pictures. She’s an excellent model, despite her little stature. She holds so much emotion in every photo she takes and makes the most of any situation. I’ve become very fond of working with Felicita that I’m going to miss having her willing spirit around once we graduate (though I’ve been drafted to photograph her wedding in Guatemala post-graduation).

These photos are just indicative of how awesome Felicita has been as a model all of these years. Sure, she’s chopped her hair short (again) and is as tomboyish as ever, but I love that about Felicita. Sometimes it’s nice to have more rugged photos. We don’t worry about being polished. We just worry about having fun.


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