Memories Part 2: Mary Jane

Happy Friday! I love Fridays. They signify the end of the week and the start of the weekend with its few obligations. And what better way to kick off the weekend than with another post from photo shoots past? It’s the only thing I could offer. And today, it’s a 3-photo collection of the one and only Mary Jane:

I’ve always taken to calling the following photographic sequence The Progression of a Smile.

It begins with a pseudo grin, almost a smirk. This is typically when we’re just getting started. Mary Jane has just sat down. She’s calm, ready to work. This the moment when I can get the most accomplished without having to pause to wait for some level of normalcy and seriousness (though truthfully, those moments of seriousness and normalcy are, ultimately, rather boring. Too boring for the kind of lives Mary Jane and I lead).

Then comes that moment when something funny was said or done, but to save face, both my model and myself try to suppress our smiles in the hope that maybe we’ll be able to continue as if nothing happened. For us, that is no easy feat, and we usually fail (as can be seen below).

Our inability to quell our silliness is just a positive reinforcement for what we do best in life: have fun. It’s nice to have a nice range of emotions and facial expressions in photos. Serious expressions are just as beautiful as smiles, and some of the best photos can stem from explosions of laughter. I think that’s just another benefit of being a photographer. Every smile is different. Every straight-face carries varying weight. And as a photographer, I get to see a wide array of emotion, the face of the complexity of people. And I love that. Especially when those emotions, plastered on a face, tell a story the way Mary Jane’s expressions do. That’s an amazing reward when everything is said and done.


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