Monochrome Monday #36

Hello all. It’s Monday (and a rainy one at that). And we all know what that means! It’s time for a brand new Monochrome Monday! Why waste time with small talk when we can just dive right in? Let’s do it:

Aw, freshman year. Back when things were significantly simpler (the word “simpler” looks strange to me). This was from my “Hollister shoot.” I call it that because this was the photo session when I took a lot of good photos that were magazine worthy (or so I’ve been told). Anyway. I remember that a lot of us were present on this day: me, Felicita, Will, Crystal, Kat, and, as pictured above, Heather. That day was a rough day for Heather.

When we first started out, she was really excited for us to be walking about taking pictures. But things turned to gray for her not too long into the shoot because of a phone conversation with a friend. There were tears and no smiles for the next half hour or so, and I had never seen her look so down-and-out before. Somehow those emotions made for some amazing photos (I know it’s probably wrong to take advantage of someone’s emotions during a sort of “grieving” period, but the opportunity was far too goo not to take).

I talk a lot about how I love everyone’s different facial expressions in the photos I take. This is no different. Heather was quite upset, and though she tried to fight the urge to participate in the photo session, she finally gave in. But even then, smiling wasn’t something she ended up doing much. Yet, I find that perfectly alright because this photo, entitled Abandoned (Part 2) [seeing as there is another photo from this day similar to it of the same title], is indicative of how Heather felt that day. There was a sense of abandonment, sadness, and a desire to be alone in a sort of sacred place. Hence the location.

There’s something about being on the train tracks that makes this photo…I don’t quite know the word for it. I love train tracks, probably because of the sense of adventure and danger that comes with it. I’ve had a few near death experiences (for both me and my models) on train tracks, but that never seems to stop us. It just makes me love the tracks more. On this particular day, we traveled a ways down the tracks, away from the bulk of civilization (namely, the street). It was like a getaway, and I think being able to hide out away from the world makes for fantastic photos.

Well, there you have it. Today’s MM. I hope you all have an amazing day. I am now going to go give my last performance for my summer class. And tomorrow is the last day of class, and then I’ll have to suffer another few days before I’m homeward bound! Who knows; maybe some good photographic opportunities will arise. Adios!


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