Monochrome Monday #38

It’s Monday! I’m tired. Last week was absolutely crazy. Why? I had to work summer orientation stuff for the incoming freshmen. That was me once. So little and scared of moving onto campus and beginning to meet people. So to help ease that burden for the new class, I was running about checking people into overnight housing and telling students about theatre and Residence Life…I earned my keep, though, and my next paycheck is going to look spectacular! I hope you guys didn’t think I forgot about you. I would never dream of missing a Monochrome Monday just because I am sleepy and have been working nonstop for the past 6 days. So here it is:

You might be wondering why I have chosen to post a party photo. It’s a strange photo, and certainly not one that I would classify as my best. But that is perfectly ok because this photo serves as inspiration. For what? Elementary, my dear readers. I am a little over a month away from my two (yes, two) big photo shoots for the summer. My friends have given me a challenge to complete two HUGE photo sessions in the span of one weekend, something I have never done before. And seeing as I like challenges, particularly the photographic kind, I accepted it.

One of those shoots is a big party theme, Ke$ha-fied, no less, and one that will ultimately go down in McClish Photo Studios history as “the most amazing staged party of the century.” We’re going all out with this faux-party extravaganza from the red solo cups to the notorious glitter blowing picture. (I am determined to conquer it if it is the last thing I do…only I still have a million other techniques to try, so it won’t be the last thing I do, just an important thing.)

I’ve been searching for inspiration for each of my big shoots, looking for ideas of how to use certain props, lighting techniques, poses, etc. And though the masterpiece will ultimately come down to the imaginations of me and my models, it never hurts to have the imagination jogged in the hopes that that masterpiece is born. And so sparked the above photo entitled Rave ‘Til the World Ends.

Taken this past April when I went home to party hard in a hotel with a bunch of nerds (and darn proud of it because, well, I met the original Green and White Power Ranger, so who cares what anyone else thinks?), this photo came from the rave hosted every year at this big event. This was the first time I had taken my camera with me to a rave, and it was also the first time that I was that close to the stage. I was practically on the stage (my friend Corey, a volunteer at the event, was onstage, and he was the one who dragged my glowing, neon self up to the front). It made for perfect picture-taking in the sense that I got to see the robots, the lights, the go-go girls, everything (even got some free swag out of it). Everything a party of that caliber should be, it was. Pure perfection (and way too much fun).

So this photo is just another form of inspiration. You can’t see the mass sea of ravers behind me, but from the looks of the robot dude and the go-go dancer, I’d say every party needs a little craziness. I can’t wait to stage this epic party. The lights, the glitter, the random bathtub with people passed out in it (like I said, it’s Ke$ha-fied)…I’m determined to capture party life, and it’s going to be super fun when I do. (Body paint may be involved…Dayglow anyone?)

So there you have it. A simple Monochrome Monday. Be on the look out for some new pictures from a photo session I have coming up later this week. Let’s just say that it, too, will act as inspiration and practice for another big photo session. Oh, and balloons are involved. Happy Monday!


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