Memories Part 3: Emma

It has been weeks since I last posted about these photos from photo shoots past. I figured that now that I have a ridiculous amount of free time (considering that even with me working 40 hours a week, I spend those 40 hours sitting in an office or meandering about Wal-mart or playing board games…it pays to be an RA…), I should get back on track with this whole blog posting thing. After all, that’s exactly what you all come here for. And so today I have a new look at old photos, and it just wouldn’t be right to revisit past photo shoots without including one of my youngest models, Emma:









I always have to start by pointing out how absolutely adorable Emma is, how talented she is as a model/actor/singer, and how much I have loved being apart of her life for the past 6-ish years. I have loved working with her, and the fact that we’re still keeping in touch after all these years is quite phenomenal considering how I met her while she was still in middle school. Now here we both are, she embarking on her senior year of high school, me embarking on my senior year of college. The four-year difference means absolutely nothing to our friendship.

Working with Emma in the realm of photography is honestly one of the most invigorating experiences. As I’ve mentioned dozens of times before, Emma is very energetic, so full of life. I, on the other hand, am much more laid back. I can be full of energy (even to the point of high maintenance), but I prefer to sit back and relax as much as possible. So when you pair someone who is typically pretty level-headed with someone who is typically on a roller-coaster of energy, you get these wonderful images of Emma.









Over the years, I have found that as I get better with my photography, so do my models. Even in the course of two years, Emma’s images have grown so much. The first set of photos were taken in August 2010, and though I did get some amazing shots from that photo shoot (like one of my personal all-time favorites, a beautiful black-and-white photo of Emma holding my guitar), I have found that I truly enjoy the second set of photos above of Emma that were taken more recently in January of this year. She looks older, more distinguished and sophisticated.

All of my models seem to fit this model of growth. When we began this whole photographic journey four years ago, we were all inexperienced. Sure, we all loved taking pictures, but all of us were new to the whole “taking pictures for artistic value” thing (if, of course, you could even call all of these portraits that I take “artistic.” That all depends on your personal definition of “art”). Over the course of just four years, our photos have grown into actual aesthetic pieces, works of higher caliber (not the highest, but higher than it was initially). Part of that stems from my acquisition of better equipment, but the rest of it rests solely in the amount of practice we’ve gotten. I’ve done eight big photo shoots and nearly a dozen individual sessions in just four short years. Hundreds of photos, over a dozen models, and all of that has led to me becoming a better photographer.

I still have a million things I need to learn, a million things I want to learn. I’m nowhere near the level of awesome that I want to be (you’d think I’d just settle for the decent images I normally produce considering how this is just a hobby, but let’s just be honest: I’m a perfectionist, and I’m not stopping until I’m satisfied with my abilities. And to be satisfied, I’ve got a lot of learning left to do). But I’m well on my way. And with models like Emma, the experience is one that is so enjoyable that I don’t think I’ll be calling it quits anytime soon.


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