Monochrome Monday #39

It’s Monday, and welcome to the month of July! Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2012 and one month closer to our “impending doom?” (Impending doom just makes me think of how I would watch Invader Zim all the time as a kid…still do actually…oh, Netflix…) Anyway. I have struck gold. In an attempt to dig out some old videos for a short film/music video project that I’m working on (trying my hand at cinematography; I’m such an artist), I found a crap ton of photography that I had completely forgotten about. Needless to say, I’m set for the next few weeks in terms of new Monochrome Mondays and other posts. Speaking of Monochrome Monday, I have a brand new one for you now. And though I totally said on Friday that I was done with the sneak peeks of my Flight of the Balloons session, I totally lied:

I am totally teasing you all with these images, aren’t I?

This photo is a crowd favorite on Facebook. And honestly, I love it, too. There are so many things about this image, and honestly about this entire shoot, that just make me happy. With this photo, I love the intensity with which Felicita is looking at the camera. I also love that we finally figured out how to fix her hair that was getting wind-whipped. I had to convince her that leaving her hand up as she was moving her hair out of her face was perfectly alright and that it would look good. It’s this whole idea of trusting the photographer who sees exactly what the models don’t.

I love that the balloons also found a way to work themselves out in the wind. I think I spent the first half of this shoot worried that the balloons would pop if they touched anything (like the splinters on this here cabin), and it certainly didn’t help that the 15 mph winds were sending the bouquet in a frenzy. Still, everything worked itself out for this image.

I love the stripes of Feli’s dress. Considering how I was the one who picked out every outfit Felicita wore (apparently she had recently purchased a bunch of new clothes for this kind of opportunity), I was really proud of the whole nautical look that I got her to pull off. Everything about the way these pictures turned out was perfect. Her hair, the fact that her engagement ring stands out in several of the pictures (that was a request; totally last-minute, but I made it work), the light curves of her body (my friends are just unrealistically pretty [to me anyway]. sheesh), everything.

I don’t even think I need to say very much more. This photo, and all of them really, speaks for itself. I’m still in awe from this photo shoot. I’m thinking that my next prop to practice with is wedding sparklers. Night photography, anyone?

I promise that I won’t tease you all for very much longer about the best of these photos. They’re coming in a matter of days! Maybe tomorrow, but definitely by Wednesday. We’re going to have a fun time with the jackpot of photos I’ve come across. Seriously, I can’t wait! In the meantime, stay dry. Apparently the country is getting hit by mass heat waves and ridiculous storms (I’ve heard it’s hailing in parts of Nashville now. That’s a fun time…). Have a great day everyone!


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