Flight of the Balloons (Part 1)

Good day to you all, dearest readers. There is some bad news I must share: Andy Griffith passed away this morning. As a child, when I wasn’t watching cartoons, I was watching television classics from I Dream of Jeannie and The Dick Van Dyke Show to, yes, The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock. Mr. Griffith was a big part of my childhood, and his passing is a tad sad. But moving onward. It is finally here: the much-anticipated first extensive look at the Flight of the Balloons photo session that I had with Felicita last week. I am no longer going to tease you all with little snippets. Below you will find some of my favorite edits from the shoot. I guess, for the time being, I’ll just let the images speak for themselves and tell you their stories:









These first 3 images make me smile. The second and third are among my top ten favorites (you’ll see numbers one and two in part 2 because I just like building up anticipation that much). I loved the different ways we found to use the balloons. I mean, in a most of the images, we were lucky just to get them to stay in one spot what with the wind whipping them all over the place. But sometimes that provided something funny like in the third image. I love that the balloons were blown in front of Felicita’s face. In doing some research for this photo shoot, I fell in love with the many photos I found in which someone’s face was covered by a balloon bouquet. It’s an adorable touch that just adds some dimension and character to a photo. I love that the first photo is taken from beneath Felicita, looking up at her. And the second picture makes me feel as if Felicita is about to fly away.









I LOVE this set of photos. Photo number 4 (or the first in this set) is contagious. I can’t help but to smile and laugh a bit when I see how happy Felicita looks. I don’t even remember what happened to get her to laugh, but whatever it was, it was pure perfection. Photo 5 is a HUGE fan favorite and understandably so. It’s possibly the most vintage/summery photo from the whole shoot. I feel as if it is really just a classic in the realm of using balloons as props in photography. And then there’s the last photo, the one that has entered my top five favorites from this shoot. It’s not your average photo.

This photo alone speaks volumes about Felicita as a model. Why? Well, let’s just consider the conditions leading up to this image. It’s 100 degrees outside, direct sunlight. I asked her to lay out on a set of (active) train tracks. The metal is hot enough to burn skin, the wood just as hot. There’s dirt and rocks scraping at her skin/clothes and getting her all dusty. Yet she did not complain. I asked her if she minded laying down, and without a moment’s hesitation, she laid down and posed herself. None of my other models would have given into that request so easily. They would have put up the biggest fight in the hopes that I would change my mind and move on to something else. But not Felicita. She took my request like a champ. And it was also the only time I asked her to lay down on anything hot. That’s a dedicated model.

I’m so proud of these images. I’m just…I’m impressed at the level of beauty and creativity and sacrifice that went into these photos. Sure, we chose, at the time, the hottest day of the year to do this shoot, but in the end, every last bit of it was worth it. Now, after having worked in both extremes of weather, I can say that I truly appreciate my models and all they contribute to my photography.

Well, part 2 will be published soon. I don’t know if you can believe this, because I certainly can’t, but the images get even better. But you can decide that for yourself when part 2 comes out. Adios muchachos!


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