Monochrome Monday #40

I must confess to you all that I should have my internet privileges revoked/suspended, or at best, monitored. Watching a documentary on the Electric Daisy Carnival (I am determined to go; it’s on my “Bucket List/Goals in Life”…which I started revising recently), led me, of course, on a search for music editing software, and I came across a website that lets me create my own tracks and download them for free. [I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am such an “artist.”] I am now wasting more time than before, and this new pastime paired with my constant Netflix streaming and article reading has contributed to the summertime-lazy-monster that I’ve become. Am I worried about this? Maybe a little (seeing as my grad school search has been indefinitely put on hold which is not ok from the academic side of me that should be preparing for the new school year in t-minus 6 weeks). But enough about my horrible procrastination habits. It’s time for an old-new Monochrome Monday:

Ah. A photo from summers past. Ok, only last summer, but it was still the past. Taking a bit of a break from my recent fascination with balloons and sneak peeks of my more recent photo session, I give you this gift instead. The Scene Kid, a portrait of my (not very scene) friend, Ashley.

As far as being “cool” goes, Ashley is…well…a special case. You know that one friend that is a bit on the dorky side (alright, drowning in the dorky side) and laughs at her own jokes that are only funny because they are so bad and completely wholesome? That friend who picks the strangest/uncool things to be obsessed with (like UK Wildcats mens’ basketball…she might just kill me for that one…)? Yeah. That’s Ashley. She’s a different kind of cool, not bad, just different. She’s the friend who doesn’t quite acknowledge the sexual innuendos of Disney movies but will somehow, by pure accident, make some sort of sexual joke based on her personal commentary on everything we do. Yes, that kind of cool friend.

I say all of that to say that “coolness” is not something that I typically like to try to measure in a person for the sole reason that everyone is cool in their own special way. Even more, I think that a photo can speak volumes about how cool someone is. A photo can make someone look cooler than they are (like the photos I take of myself…you’ll find out about that soon…eventually), and a photo can accentuate the coolness of the individual. I feel like this photo does the latter.

Who knew that one afternoon spent walking about Old Town would produce something so laid back?

It’s funny how the photos I post often express my mood. As aforementioned, I have been nothing short of lazy and chill as of late. I have been able to embrace my inner nerd and be the totally relaxed and awesome person that I was meant to be in the summer. There’s something so calming about this picture, a sort of testament to the thought that life is just one big adventure and we should just be chill and keep moving on. So yeah. I feel like at some point, I started rambling and not making sense (there was a point in the middle of writing this where my coworkers and I started looking up themed engagement photography and that took up some time…see how distracted I get).

But now I must return to my music making and waste some more time until I get to go home this weekend. Have a great day!


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