Eyes of a Child Look #2: Julie

Good day to you, dear friends and readers. I am in the process of unpacking my stuff in my new room for the new school year. I was up until 4 a.m.unpacking my clothes (I’m a tad OCD, and I like to color code things). But look at me just making time, posting away. Does this make me a binge blogger? Does such a thing even exist? Heheheh…well, why not let me take a break from unpacking and indulge in this bingeing and present you all with another healthy dose of photos from my most recent photo shoot. Today’s photos are of the ever dramatic (yet wildly entertaining) Julie:

For those of you just joining us, I am a total child at heart, and there is nothing I love to do more than bask in the memories of my childhood. One such memory is that of my preschool days when I was a little ballerina. Now, over 15 years later, I am not a ballerina, but my best friend (Skye, the one getting married) is, and my friend Julie (below) took it upon herself to be a ballerina for my Through the Eyes of a Child photo shoot.

I once pointed out that Julie is very dramatic when it comes to photo shoots, being one who does too much in too little time. She changes poses every 5 seconds leaving my normally quick reflexes looking abnormally defunct and rendering my camera useless for actually doing its job. Shortly after pointing this out, I also pointed out that Julie had gotten much better with time. She seemed to grow into herself, become comfortable in her own skin. She was less apt to move and more apt to really think her poses out.

Believe it or not, Julie has regressed and fallen victim to her old dramatically, unnaturally posed ways.

A photographer’s worst nightmare on any given day…except for this one.









You may be wondering what I mean by that. Well, normally, as a photographer, I hate it when my models don’t just go with the flow. I hate directing people (I’m not quite sure how that’s going to work out in my theatrical future…). I am such an organic, natural kind of photographer. As I have stated before on several occasions, I try not to overdo it with my editing or with the poses my models do or, well, anything really. Sure, I ask my models to dress up in ridiculous costumes for the sake of a fun time, but when it ultimately comes down to it, I couldn’t care less what my models wear as long as they’re fully clothed or what the heck my models do as long as they’re having fun and not making my or the other models’ lives difficult. Simple, wouldn’t you think?

But then there’s being a kid. Thinking like a kid. Dressing like a kid. Acting like a kid. That’s a completely different story. In fact, that’s a whole other realm that adults actually forget exists unless they work with kids or have kids of their own. Truth be told, little kids are just downright dramatic…in the eyes of an adult, that is. So wouldn’t it be fitting that Julie was just as out there and all over the place as she normally is for this photo shoot?

My sessions always act as some kind of learning experience for both me and my models. This time, I taught Julie the ballet positions. You can’t be a ballerina without knowing them (nevermind the fact that I haven’t had to do ballet positions in over 15 years, yet I still seem to remember them). This time, Julie, inadvertently, taught me that a little drama can go a long way in relation to the kinds of images that can be produced in a photo shoot.

Everybody approaches my photo shoot themes differently. I don’t even work with each of my models in the same way. I can’t. They’re all different, bringing different things to the table. What I can say and do with one model is not necessarily the same with another. Julie is always reinforcing that truth for me. I’m such a natural person that I sometimes forget that not everyone is as free-flowing and easy-going as I am. So sometimes, I have to get a bit frustrated with the heavily processed, overdone mentality before I realize that “dramatic” doesn’t always mean “bad or worse.” Yes, it certainly means “difficult,” but sometimes it can mean “better than ever before.”

Ballet class is like Life Lessons 101. You learn some of life’s most important lessons here that you will carry with you forever.

~Joanne H. Morscher


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