Monochrome Monday #43

Hi, everyone. I realize that it’s late/early, but I really wanted to get this week’s Monochrome Monday drafted and posted as soon as I could. It’s RA training week for me, and my days are about to get really long, really fast. Luckily, this year’s theme is Harry Potter, and my staff and I have made the most excellent house flag ever! There will also be a game of Quidditch happening at our cookout later this evening. But the fun and games come at a cost – loss of sleep. So I’m posting now so I won’t be up super late later on. I think today’s MM is super adorable:

See what I mean? I call this photo Imaginary Friends. There is something so innocent about Lauren and this picture as a whole. It is calming in a way that none of my other pictures are. I think it’s because I can relate to it so much. Sure, I’m 21 years old, a senior in college (man, that is weird to type), and I look nothing like a little kid, yet I still possess a lot of innocence. There are a lot of things in this world that I’ve never done that people my age normally have. (And then there are things that I have done, stripping me of some of my innocence in unexpected ways. We won’t get into detail with that. Haha!)

Truth is, I still sleep with stuffed animals (my collection is huge at home, but I only brought three of the most important ones with me to school). I don’t need them to sleep at night, but they still make me feel better when I’m upset. I can also confess to still having “imaginary friends.” I say it that way (with quotations) because I am notorious for living very deeply in my head, and with that territory comes my personal pastime of living in an alternate reality with people who don’t actually exist. I basically play pretend reliving some moments and creating others that could have happened. In that regard, I am very much still a child.

It’s a staple of the imagination to continue being friends with the giant teddy bear because the giant teddy bear will always go on crazy adventures with you. It’s important that you remember your imaginary friend because you can always tell them your darkest secrets and never have to worry about anyone else finding out. Childhood innocence – tender, passionate devotion to the imagination, is often times something that we lose as we get older. For me, and I can probably even say so for Lauren, this picture acts as a means of craving for a simpler time with simpler people: the imaginary world where everything you needed and wanted was taken care of with no real fear of having to face anything that was ultimately too much to handle. I think we all sometimes secretly yearn to be in that one happy place, surrounded by stuffed animals and balloons and live in that world of wonder. We all want to reclaim some of that former innocence before it’s absolutely too late.

I’m off to bed now. Sadly, I must be an adult and wake up early (read: earlier than I’ve had to wake up all summer). Sweet dreams to you all. Good night from my imaginary world of wonder.


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