Eyes of a Child Look #3: Michelle

I know. I know. There was no Monochrome Monday yesterday. I’m aware. RA training is over, and classes start tomorrow. Last week was super hectic, I got to use a walkie-talkie and help direct traffic during freshmen move-in day over the weekend, and the past two days have been spent making rounds all across campus greeting all of my friends before I embark on my last year as a college undergrad. Needless to say, I’ve been ridiculously busy (I’m still not even done unpacking/decorating my room yet). So to make up for having been away for so long, how about another look at my most recent photo shoot? Here we go:

Yes. Yes, those are Furbies. Sometimes I wonder how I became friends with Michelle and why I am such an enabler when it comes to extremely disturbing things like allowing her to even own so many of those hideous creatures. Still, despite my total disgust/repulsion to such despicable toys, I can’t help but to feel as if Michelle came forth triumphantly, rising to the challenging of reliving her childhood to the best of her ability for this photo shoot. Let me explain:

Michelle looks like Gandalf in that monochrome photo. Anyway. As I was saying, Michelle has this thing about being extremely odd in the most amazing way possible. I’ve basically spent the past four months just bouncing ideas for this photo session off Michelle. In fact, she had her outfit picked out a long time before the actual session. She called herself “Chaotica, Lordess of Darkness” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), and she certainly played the part of the evil witch well. From the asymmetrical dress to the sparkly silver cape and black witch’s hat paired with the plastic scythe and faux Harry Potter wand…you get the very eclectic style that is, well, Michelle.

I think I have fallen in love with this photo because of the smoke bomb that Corey set off. We do things simply because they are overly fun and dramatic. Such is our lives. The only word appropriate for this photo is epic. I mean, smoke and bubbles? That’s the epitome of awesome. Even after all of this time, Michelle never ceases to amaze me. Her imagination is unlike any I’ve ever encountered, and that’s what makes her so fun to work with. Even more, that’s what makes her photos so much fun to take and share.

Maybe it’s the fact that I know that Michelle takes these photo shoots so seriously…I mean, she never takes the easy way out with the themes. She stretches her imagination far beyond that of any of my other models (for instance, when I did that modern fairy tale photo shoot a while ago, she was Meg from Hercules. Who in the world even thinks to do that?). She’ll do just about anything to go all out and soar to new (dorky) heights, doing anything for the sake of a photo, and impressing me and leaving my speechless every time. She’s an incredible asset for my photography simply because I never get bored taking pictures of her. With Michelle, she’s much like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get (please note that she would have to be like those boxes of chocolate that don’t come with a little map…because the map tells you exactly what you’re going to get).

I’m going to keep this short. I’m starting to fall asleep at my computer. I’m going to finish my bowl of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and Darth Vader cupcake (yes, I do have Star Wars cupcakes), and then it’s off to dreamland. Good night!



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