Monochrome Monday #44

Good evening/early morning. I’m taking a break from the crap ton of reading I have to do for all of my classes to make sure I post for you all today. And with that I must add: classes have started! I’m a college senior! I’ve only had 3 days worth of class and I’m already swamped with homework (which is literally nothing but reading…about AIDS in Africa and Bangladeshi women working in sweatshops…depressing? Maybe a little). Add to that being the stage manager for our fall production of Alice in Wonderland, being an RA, and trying to maintain a social life, and you get a very busy Rhonda. Oh, and I need motivation to register for/take the GRE and apply to grad schools. But until all of that falls into place (this is not me complaining. In fact, things are looking rather amazing despite how stressed out I’m sure to get soon), I have this here Monochrome Monday for you:

I love fun photos. And I particularly like this one, entitled Out of the Abyss, because it’s from my most recent photo session from earlier this month (man, August is practically over…where has the time gone…). This is not about having any real artistic value. No, this is about having fun.

I write about having fun on occasion, mostly when I’m at wit’s end and have no clue what to do with myself. I’m almost a week into the new school year, and I’m not feeling overwhelmed yet, which is good, but I’m sure that by the time week 4 rolls around, I’m going to want to hurt someone or scream or cry or do all three at once. Or maybe I won’t because this semester is about working hard and having fun. 3 out of my 4 classes are theatre classes. I have a second job working in the scene shop in the theatre. I’m stage managing a main stage production…either I’m going to really despise theatre by the end of October (when Alice in Wonderland closes) or I’m going to have the most fun ever since I’ve been in college. I’d like to think the latter will be the end result.

So what is fun? Photography certainly is for me, as is watching my friends play dress up and set off smoke bombs at the park. I think that’s what I’ve always liked about my relationship with photography. It’s always been about having fun and learning new things. I could choose to do this hobby for money, for artistic purposes that could one day make me famous. Instead, I have chosen photography as a way to relieve stress and enjoy doing something hilariously annoying (or as we see it: entertaining) in public with my friends. I look at some of my photos and just laugh. The above is one of those photos. I mean, how often can you say that you and your friends carry around sparkly capes and plastic scythes? Not often, I’d bet. Yet when moments like these arise, one can’t help but to be glad they captured it on film.

Maybe it’s because I’m a senior in college and bogged down with the weight of a million different things on my shoulders: a show to rehearse and run, homework for 4 completely different classes, a surrogate mother whom I can never seem to get in touch with because she’s just as busy as I am, graduation, everything…but these are the times that I live for. The smoke bombs and smiles, daggers and debauchery, the very elements of fun that make my life so very worth living even when I’m overwhelmed with every commitment that I’ve made over the past few days/weeks/months. To think that one picture could sum up why I do all this, knowing that at the end of all of my major commitments, more fun times like these will be waiting for me. But until then, I’ll just have to find the fun moments worth stopping for along the way.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. 🙂

Good night, dear readers and happy Monday to you all.


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