Monochrome Monday #45

Oh, hi there! It’s Monday, and what do Mondays bring? Monochrome Monday posts, of course! And I have a brand new one for you featuring a new model that you all will be seeing more of very soon. Shall we get on with it? We shall! Check it out:

Meet Natalie. That is both the title of this photo and the invitation that extend as I introduce my newest model. You might be wondering who the heck this is, how I know her, what contribution she has made to my photography…you know, the same stuff I always mention in my blog posts. Well, to those questions I say: patience young Padawans. I will answer each question in due time.

Who the heck is this: This is Natalie. She’s a sophomore in high school this year making her the youngest of my models.

How do I know her: Remember that middle school drama club that I ran during high school, the same one that helped me to develop long-lasting friendships with two of my other models (Zoe and Emma)? Well, it produced another friendship/model: Natalie. I met this little ball of energy (much like that of Zoe and Emma) when she was only about 11 years old. Now, almost 5 years later, she is developing into quite the beautiful young woman who just so happened to stop by and enjoy a photo session with me and the crazy people I call my friends.

What contribution has she made to my photography: Well, just take a look at the picture above. She’s quite the model. She still looks like a little kid which made her the perfect addition to the Through the Eyes of a Child photo session back in early August. It also might be good to mention that being a first time model has its perks…particularly for me. Having a new model means that they are free from expectations. I don’t know how they operate and they don’t know what I desire, so both parties (photographer and model) get to explore. Of course, that also means that they kind of expect for me to tell them exactly what to do, and I am certainly not that photographer. Still, Natalie grew into the situation taking direction well but also allowing herself to make some decisions based on her own imagination.

Well, kids, it’s back to class for me. That’s right; it’s Labor Day and I still have class and work. Why? Because I don’t go to a real college where they do real college things like cancel classes on a national holiday. Oh well. Happy Monday!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. EJ
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 19:28:31

    Love it. I’m a sucker for monochrome portraiture. Wow.


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