Monochrome Monday #46

Good morning. You may be wondering why I am up super late. Well…let’s just say that I had gotten some due dates mixed up. So I am now watching this really depressing documentary called The Corporation and trying to figure out what I’m going to write about for my research proposal. I’m also freaking myself out as I try to get back on track with my grad school search, so you can imagine how stretched my mind is and how frantic I have become. In my multitasking, I have a new Monochrome Monday for you all. Let’s see if my mind can resist self-combustion long enough to post:

I’m thinking that today is one of those days when I need to keep things simple, and what better way to do that with such a simple photo like this one? Entitled Elegance, this photo of Emma is probably among the epitome of simplicity. It is for that very reason that I love it. There is a certain level of elegance that surges through this photo, a level of elegance that Emma possesses. I think that it’s the hair.

As part of the Through the Eyes of a Child photo session from early August, the inspiration of fairy tales and fictional characters spanned wide and ran deep. In the world of princesses and talking willow trees lies a chance at upholding such beauty and elegance as the women in these stories. What young child does not wish, at some point in her life, to be as distinguished and graceful as Pocahontas or wear a gorgeous gown like Belle? I feel as if this photo is the entryway to a magical world of royalty. Maybe it’s the flower clip in Emma’s hair or the way she carried herself in the rest of her photos.

*sigh* My brain just imploded. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it. I wish I could just live my life in a fairy tale. You know, wear pretty dresses and meet my prince charming and not have to do anything except paint with all the colors of the wind and let my fairy godmother wave her wand around all bippity-boppity-boo-like. But reality must reign in my life, thus I will continue on with my homework. Sleep is in sight, though. This movie is almost over.

Oh, stay tuned for a fun new photo shoot concept coming soon! I think it’s going to be something much different from what I’m used to as a photographer, but my models are already getting excited. Happy Monday!


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