Eyes of a Child Look #6: Natalie

Well, hello there! Long time no post, right? I honestly completely forgot about this week’s Monochrome Monday. I literally woke up Tuesday morning and immediately thought, “Oh crap! I forgot to post for Monochrome Monday!” Even more so, this is likely to occur again since I am always so busy nowadays. When I’m not in class or at rehearsal or balancing two jobs, I’m doing homework or trying to get as much sleep as I can to fuel me through this ridiculousness that is my life. So to make up for the slack, how about the second to last look at my Through the Eyes of a Child photo shoot from early August? I am pleased to showcase these wonderful images of one of my youngest models, Natalie:









I think what I love most about Natalie’s photos is that she was literally the most childlike of all of the models. Most of that stems from the fact that she was the youngest one present. Being young was a total plus for this session. Natalie had a lot of questions since this was her first shoot with me, but little did she know, her own imagination was producing great work all on its own. Everything from her overalls to her Care Bear exuded the very innocence and essence of a child.

Truth: this might very well be one of the favorite images from the entire photo shoot. Not necessarily my favorite, though I do quite enjoy it, but the response to this photo has been incredible. I call it Vampires and Things because all I can think of in this photo is vampires, and I’m not talking about crappy Twilight “vampires.” I’m talking real, non-sparkly creatures. I think the editing of the photo is what gets people. In fact, I didn’t really expect for the red of the cape to stand out as much as it did when I isolated it, but I’m glad it did. It makes for a much more powerful image.









Check out that giant banana. Not quite sure where you get one of those, but I love that Natalie owns one. This girl is truly playful, and I think that she showed that during this session. I think that Natalie’s photos are the epitome of the childlike spirit that I wanted to embody with this theme. There’s just something about the amount of fun that we had at this photo shoot that fills me with all kinds of joy.  I can’t even explain it.

Why is glitter so magical yet so messy? I have a thing for holding magic in my hand (typically for me, that would be my camera). And what’s more magical than a bunch of glitter being blown at your face? I’ve always wanted to be a disco ball…

Well, I must go. I’m kind of in the middle of rehearsal. Being a stage manager is fun, boring, and exhausting all at the same time. Who would have thunk it? I should go back to paying attention. Until next time, I bid you adieu.


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