Monochrome Monday #47

Didn’t think I forgot about you guys, did you? Well, here’s the simplest update on my life: I am stressed out. I’m embarking on week 6 of my senior year of college and I am sleep deprived, in the middle of some unnecessary drama surrounding this production of Alice in Wonderland, and the to do list I made today during one of my classes is ridiculously long (only plus, I checked off three of the items already). But I will not let all of those things keep me from posting for you all. So I have a new Monochrome Monday that will act as a bit a shift from summer into the great season of fall. Check it out:

I would like to introduce my newest model and the person that I call my BiFF (best incredible friend forever): Lauren. I know, I know. I have a million Laurens in my life. There’s just something about people named Lauren. There’s something so wonderful about them (now I kind of wish my name was Lauren…).

I realize that you can’t really see Lauren’s face, but in the name of silhouettes (though this one could have been executed a little better on my part), that’s kind of the point. Earlier this month, Lauren and I had our first ever “Biff Day” in which we traveled across campus taking pictures, hula hooped, colored, watched movies, and made breakfast for dinner (brinner). This photo is the product of that.

Lauren is the opposite of me in quite a few ways, but for the purposes of this here blog post, we’ll leave it at the fact that she is into yoga and I am not. She told me that she wanted to try some poses in this session and, of course, I obliged because she is my Biff and because we were out by the perfect slab of concrete overlooking the mountain skyline of Kentucky (one of the few perks of living in this state…and when I say few, I really do mean few…). The day was absolutely gorgeous and was perfect for capturing this image of Lauren finding her inner peace, which, oddly enough, is the name of this photo.

What I love so much about this image is that there is so much zen happening. The mountains, the lovely breeze, the sunshine…it was the absolute perfect day. We’ve actually been having quite a few of those kinds of days recently. And even though it’s fall now, I know that the world is only going to get even more beautiful than it has been all summer. And this inner peace kind of thing is something that we all need, especially me. I may not do yoga, but I still want to curl up on a blanket outside and just listen to music or take pictures or something relaxing.

Stay tuned for more of Lauren’s photos. There are some that I am extremely excited to showcase. Until then, it’s back to memorizing this monologue for my solo performance class. Why did I decide to pretend like I could act? Sheesh. Good night, everyone!


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