Monochrome Monday Filler

My dearest readers, I know you guys were hoping that this would be a new Monochrome Monday, but for the time being, I’m going to have to halt the new blog posts. There is a multitude of things happening right now. Alice in Wonderland has been experiencing more technical difficulties than I’ve ever encountered in all the time I’ve been involved in theatre, and every single day is controlled by class, work, homework, and the occasional misadventure in Cincinnati. But don’t worry, I’ve definitely still got a crap ton of material for you all, and as soon as I have the free time to post it, I will. Until then, please enjoy a not-so-monochrome MM sneak peek:

I told you all last week that I just recently had a portrait session with my friend Lauren. Well, here’s yet another glimpse into what is to come. I think I am most in love with the colors and the point-of-view. We were lucky to have such a random prop like this hula hoop to roll our way for us to use. (Secretly, we’re just a bunch of hippies.)

I hope you guys will continue to be patient with me as I work to, eventually, get back on track with this whole blog/photography thing. I’ve got some great things planned, especially for this month because it is October, after all, and I LOVE Halloween! I promise to be back online soon! Have a great Monday night, everyone!


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