My Triumphant Return to the Web (A Recent Sneak Peek)

Well, look who’s back! My, oh, my! How good it feels to be blogging again! Now that my theatrical duties have come to an end, I have way more free time. I have spent the past week getting control of my life (I’m a senior in college, after all, so I need a plan for my future…lame…), and part of getting control, you know, aside from catching up on my senior capstone projects and applying for my first real job after college (rather, the first with an actual salary), consists of my catching up on my photography. I have never felt so behind. Never mind the fact that I’m in the works of planning winter break’s photo shoot and hunting down angel wings (if that even counts as a hint for you all), never mind that I had a photo shoot with a friend last month and I still haven’t finished editing those photos yet. Nope, I’m just now getting to look at all of this stuff. But with all of this new-found freedom, I have a ridiculous amount of material to showcase (and then some from forever ago). So I’m going to start all out-of-order with my most recent photo session and work my way back. So here’s just a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on:

I will start by saying that I apologize if my work seems a little rusty. Nearly two months without even really touching my camera or waving a paintbrush over something in Photoshop is tough. Still, I would like to introduce a new model to my photography:

Meet Angie.

I met Angie two years ago when she was just a junior in high school. Every year, my campus hosts a special weekend – Carter G. Woodson weekend, in honor of Mr. Carter G. Woodson (father of Black History Month), to help recruit minority students to the college. Current students volunteer to house these prospective student, and since I am a product of CGW, I volunteered. Angie was one of my Carter G. kids. Who would’ve thunk that two years later, she’d be a freshmen here and we’d still be friends hanging out on a lovely fall afternoon taking pictures? (I’ll admit, she won me over with the fun facts that she is Vietnamese, a rapper, and obsessed with my hometown of Nashville. How could anyone not love that?)

Just from that photo alone, I think you all can tell that this was a very different shoot than what I am used to. Long boards and grunge? Though it’s not altogether a new world to me (I do watch the X-Games faithfully every summer and winter), it’s new for my photography skills. (I would also like to point out that I realize what her shirt says, and though I greatly appreciate the artistic value behind it, I, personally, do not condone the everyday usage of the term “bitch,” especially as one of endearment. But that’s a post for another day. [Consider that a clarification for some my family.])









I believe that there are multiple sides to every person. Not like multiple personalities, but just different faces or styles. Angie is almost the epitome of that. On the one hand, there’s the seemingly hardcore, grit and grime side that is typically seen as she cruises about campus on her board. On the other hand, there’s the classier fashion-conscious side of Angie that is laced with poise and grace (and I find myself laughing a bit about this because my relationship with Angie is anything but poised and graceful. We have that “sit-around-and-goof-off” kind of friendship).

Angie is very personable. She’s only been here for a few short months, yet almost everyone knows her because she’s so friendly and loves getting to know people. And then there are the times when she doubts herself and psyches herself out about class and her purpose in life. She’s got a lot of potential, though. (Just wait until we start doing shoots for her fashion line/entrepreneurship.)

I must admit that when she asked me to do this shoot with her, I was a bit intimidated by the task. Sure, I’ve wanted to do this kind of grungy shoot for a while (remember that time that I admitted having wanted to be a pro skater as a child…), but there’s also a standard that comes with these things. Just Googling “skateboard photography” and seeing the results freaked me out. But like Angie, and all of my models in general, I’m always up for a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, as aforementioned, I am in the process of planning winter break’s photo shoot(s). This is a challenge because I’ve never really filmed in the desired condition (I’ve come close on two different occasions), but assuming that the weather does exactly what I want (though it probably won’t considering how this is Nashville we’re talking about, and we’re in a basin), I think this will be one of my best photo shoot themes yet. And if all else fails, I’ve got another shoot in the works that I know my models will love.

So there you have it, folks: my triumphant return to the web! I’m quite excited to be back. I’ve missed writing and posting for you all. If all goes well (namely, if I don’t forget), I will have a brand spanking new Monochrome Monday hot off the press coming up in just 2 days (I can hear the squeals of delight)! But until then, dearest readers, I’m going to sleep because that’s something else I’ve missed  over the course of the past two months. Au revoir!


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