Monochrome Monday #48 (Special Things I’ve Learned Edition)

Good Monday to you all! As promised, I have a brand new Monochrome Monday ready for posting. This week’s photo is rather special given that I just taught myself how to do this particular effect in Photoshop not but, like, two days ago. It has grown to be one of the most popular photos I’ve ever taken (and I’m almost jealous that I don’t have a cool enough photo of myself that I can try it on), and I think that it fits the theme of Angie’s photo session from the other day very well. But enough building anticipation and check out today’s MM:

I apologize for the potential headache that this might cause because this is a photo with a 3D effect. That’s right; this is the same concept that is used for 3D imaging (you know, the placing of warm and cool colors together and shifting them a bit to make an image pop out). Theoretically speaking, if you have a random pair of 3D glasses lying around nearby (like I do…several pairs actually…don’t judge…I own a Crayola 3D chalk set…), this image would look 3D to you.

So why this? Why 3D? Because I have a fascination with teaching myself how to do random, useless things in Photoshop. Because this picture was cool. Because this is Angie, Gangsta 3.0 (the title of this piece), and to live up to her hardcore standards, I had to do something “sick nasty” to at least one photo. Sick nasty photo edit? Check. And the crowd is eating this up like it’s the most clever thing I’ve ever done. And in a way, it is…well, at least it’s one of the most clever things I’ve ever done. Because this was like doing science. And since I’m not a science person but rather an arts and humanities person (my INFJ personality type says I can do both, but INFJ types tend to lean more to the humanities), I had to choose a more creative way to conduct an experiment. And that’s why I love the arts: it’s like creative science, imagination science.

Anyway. I like this photo because it’s fun. I can truthfully say that I have had quite a bit of fun this semester. Heck, I’ve had quite a bit of fun just this past week alone. I think this photo represents a longing I have for seeing the world in a more well-rounded way. I am just beginning my journey into adulthood. I could view things in this very one or two dimensional kind of way (which I’m fairly certainly my family and friends wished I did instead of analyzing the pros and cons of every decision that I have to make as I am prone to do) or I could break out my glasses and see the bigger picture with all of it’s colors and shapes and shadows. Despite how much I hate Drake and his stupid YOLO craze that he’s started, I will admit that “you only live once” is a true statement, and I think both Angie and I have taken to living life in the most multidimensional, complete way possible.

Well, my faithful readers, I must get some sleep. I register for my last semester of my undergraduate career in about 6 hours (which sucks because 1: no college student should ever have to wake up that early just to register for classes and 2: I don’t have class until 4 p.m. and that is a waste of about 20 minutes of my precious beauty sleep). Until we meet again, I bid you adieu.


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