Monochrome Monday #49

Well, hello there. I’m typing to you from the likes of a loaner laptop. My computer has crashed…again…it took 3 years for it to die the fist time but only 6 months for it to die this time. Look at what college does to a cheap Dell (and all right before my two biggest projects are due). But I refuse to let that stop me. This time I took precaution and backed up everything (and I mean everything), so I still have a fabulous Monochrome Monday for you all! This week’s post continues in the vein of my most recent photo session with Angie. So without further ado:

Welcome to the world of skate. A world of decorated boards and grip tape (do you believe me now about how much I know about this kind of stuff). It’s a fun world…assuming you’re into big air and Tony Hawk. Or you could easily be like Angie who just likes to cruise around campus on a sunny fall day in order to get to class.

What do I like about this photo? It’s not particularly edgy or special. In fact, it’s rather simple (like most of the stuff I post). But I think that’s what I like so much about it. I decided to call this one Ride because that’s the summary of Angie and her long board: she simply likes to ride. I asked Angie if she could do simple tricks like ollies or grinds. Much to my chagrin, the answer was no, but the love she had for her board and the freedom she has to ride about campus is uncanny. That alone is enough to earn some street cred…even if she can’t do a manual…

I think the other aspect of this photo that I love is the viewer’s ability to see the many paths made by our sidewalks on-campus. Something about them screams sentimentality, so I’ll give in and talk about it: let’s say that those various paths represent the ones that we can take in our lives. Some of those paths cross, some don’t. They lead to different places, but they all lead somewhere. There are no dead ends. Angie and her long board are free to go anywhere, take different paths, end up in different places. Every one of them leads to an adventure. And in this photo, you don’t know which path Angie is going to take. We don’t even see where Angie is coming from. We just know that she’s come from somewhere and she’s got several options of where to go. (Man, I can be really deep. I impress myself sometimes. Just kidding.)

Well, I’m going to go back to doing my homework. I’ve got 3 pieces to write for my Feminist Solo Performance class (as I continue to work on creating this solo performance…which I will actually have to perform for people in about 3 weeks…) and I have to memorize them by tomorrow. Doesn’t that just sound peachy? Well, I hope your Monday goes well. Until next time, dearest readers. 🙂


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