Monochrome Monday #50 (Best of Edition)

Good evening, everyone! Sorry for the lateness of this here post. I nearly forgot that today was Monday (probably because I didn’t even go to the only class I had today, so it doesn’t feel like a Monday to me). But worry not! I am here and with a very special Monochrome Monday for you all. We have reached the big 5-0! That’s right; it’s the 50th MM post and what better way to celebrate than to take a trip down memory lane with 10 of the most popular MM posts thus far? So I’ll just leave these links here. Please enjoy celebrating the 50th Monochrome Monday post from me to you:

The Best of Monochrome Monday

10. Monochrome Monday #42

9. Monochrome Monday #33

8. Monochrome Monday #32

7. Monochrome Monday #46

6. Monochrome Monday #45

5. Monochrome Monday #40

4. Monochrome Monday #35

3. Monochrome Monday #39

2. Monochrome Monday #36

1. Monochrome Monday #48 (Special Things I’ve Learned Edition)

Honorary Mention: Monochrome Monday #19 (Craft Day Edition)

And there you have it, my friends. 10 (ok, 11) of the best Monochrome Mondays from McClish Photo Studios! Here’s to 50 MM‘s and hopefully 50 more to come! Happy Monday!


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