The Melting Pot (Sneak Peek)

Long time no post! Sorry for the overdue return, but despite being done with theatre stuff, I still found myself extremely busy. But here I am on winter break after surviving the busiest semester of my life (got awesome grades in the process), and I couldn’t be happier to be sitting on this here couch in my cozy little house in one of the best cities in the country. With that being said, I have some much-needed photography for you all! But first some announcements: for starters, I will be revealing my newest photo shoot theme to you all sometime in the next few days! My models are already brimming with excitement. Two, I have another mini photo project in the works and I can’t wait to show those pictures to you as soon as it is complete. Three, I know I still have a ton of photos to show you from over the course of the semester; I’ll get to them eventually. Four, I’m pleased to announce that there is tons more photography to come in the New Year seeing as I am taking a photography class at school! Super pumped! But now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, a little sneak peek of a recent opportunity I had:

So Friday night, I had the opportunity to film a little gig for the band that a family friend and his wife are in. Concert photography is definitely new to me, and let’s just say that it is one of the hardest forms of photography out there. Of course, I’ve never been one to back down from a photographic challenge, and I love trying new things in the name of art. So when I was approached about shooting this little gig for the retro jazz band The Melting Pot, I accepted the challenge and found that there is nothing more difficult than, well, shooting a retro jazz band.

Bokeh Lights

In the mean time, I totally got to play around with a Nikon D30, not exactly my first pick of SLR, but since I had the ability to finally take a true bokeh photo, I couldn’t turn that down. This was also the first time in a while when I’ve actually been able to play around with ISO and aperture. This proved important because I’ve never shot a concert gig before, and even more, I rarely ever shoot indoors. Correction: I NEVER shoot indoors. My camera isn’t meant for that. Even still, the learning experience was paramount.

Ratatat Drum Beats

Shooting a band on a stage is much more complicated than I ever imagined. Instruments, energy, lighting, concert goers…there’s so much to capture and not a lot of space and angles to do it from. I spent a lot of time in the same area trying my hardest to get that one good shot. It’s not easy when mic and music stands are everywhere. But alas, I didn’t let that stop me.

Concert Lights

I think that this experience has led to a new respect for photographers who shoot bands on a regular basis while kind of making me want to try this again sometime, but you know, with a bigger stage and a slightly more energetic band (or rather, with a band that is in a genre of music that entails a bit more physical movement like alternative rock or even dubstep). Still, I think just the beginning of this trip, these images of Christmas trees and equipment, was a lesson in and of itself.

Stay tuned for more images from this gig coming soon. I think you’ll enjoy what I learned once you see the results. Until then, it’s off to bed for me. Hope you all have a fantastic evening!


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