Monochrome Monday #51

Hello, hello! Happy Monday/Christmas Eve to you! There is nothing like spending the holidays curled up on the couch. In fact, I’ve pretty much made the couch my environment for when I’m not out-n-about town with my friends. In being curled up in this little niche of mine, I have time to post a new Monochrome Monday for you. This keeps up with the concert gig theme that I posted about yesterday. Let’s take a look:

Strings and Things

What do we have here? A bass, you say? Every retro jazz band needs a good bass, right? This past Friday, I got the opportunity to shoot a family friend’s band called The Melting Pot. Needless to say, the experience was an interesting one. One of the things that I really focused on was the actual instruments played in the band.

Hence, Strings and Things, the story of a bass. Four strings of fury, amplified to perfection. There are many elements that go into making a concert magical: the lights, the energy from the band, the reciprocated energy from the audience, and the size/type of the stage among other things. But then there’s the instruments. There are all kinds of bands without standard instruments (like a cappella groups – for instance, the University of Oregon’s male group On the Rocks, which, if you haven’t heard them, you totally should because they are hilarious and awesome and make your heart melt with their sexiness…yes, I just said that). The movie Pitch Perfect (which is also hilarious and awesome and if you haven’t seen it, you should) expresses true talent when it comes to a cappella which is great, but there’s just something about musical bands with their keyboards and hi-hats. And there’s something golden about a guitar.

And I’m not just talking about the person playing the guitar, but the actual guitar body itself. I own an acoustic (long story), and even though I never learned how to play, there’s still something marvelous about its wooden frame, the curves of its body, vibrating chords tuned and ready for strumming. People actually marvel over stuff like that. Fenders, Les Pauls, Yamahas…people collect these things like people collect comic books or classic Barbie dolls. Vintage, mint condition, the works. Crack the neck of one of those bad boys, and you’re throwing down a crap ton of money to get it fixed (I surprise myself every time I manage to successfully write about something in which I never thought I really had much knowledge).

So why this guitar? Well, it’s a huge part of the band. Without it, a dimension of the music is lost. Every instrument serves its purpose in a musical act. Every bluegrass group needs its banjo like every techno/house DJ needs its synthesizer. It just comes with the territory. The bass is fundamental to the music genre like pianos and drums. What orchestra doesn’t have its share of violins and oboes? It’s just the way it is.

And there you have it. Just another look into concert photography. The real deal is soon to come, and I must say, there’s definitely more bass where this came from. Until then, please don’t stop the music and keep dancing til the world ends. 🙂


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