A Very Artistic New Year

Hello everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe that it is 2013? (Can you believe that I graduate from college in 123ish days?) As my first order of business for the new year, I’d like to apologize for not posting a Monochrome Monday this week and properly closing out 2012. My computer has been dead for half a week, but now that my new charger has arrived, I am able to post again. So to celebrate this, I have some photography for you. I got to spend some time with some old friends today and complete a wonderfully random project. Check it out:

Body Art 1

Welcome a first time model, my friend Molly. Of all the difficult models I’ve ever had, Molly probably takes the cake (and I say that with all the love in my heart). As you can see, she’s super adorable (I only work with the best and the brightest). So you might be wondering what we were doing. It’s simple really. Let me explain.

Body Art 2

Lauren (pictured below) and I have this thing where we literally spend hours on Google looking up random images that inspire us. We are constantly sending each other links and texting pictures to one another. So we decided to try this simple little body art project based on a lot of inspiring photos of quotes and stuff. Molly, being the songstress that she is (girl’s got pipes), decided to go with a music theme. She found this beautiful picture of a bass and treble clef that made a heart, and both of us thought that Beyoncé’s song “I Was Here” would be fitting lyrics for her. It’s a beautiful song with a wonderful meaning, and despite how crazy Molly is, she certainly has a lot to offer the world in order to leave her own mark of individuality.

Body Art 3

And then there’s Lauren. She’s the (true) artist of the bunch, so she’s the one who drew all of our body art. But we couldn’t leave her out of the mix, so Molly used her “master” calligraphy skills to pen the first line of one of Lauren’s favorite poems by Shel Silverstein on her chest.

Body Art 4

If you are a dreamer, come in…

There’s something so marvelous about those words. The entire poem is great, and I probably love it because 1: it’s Shel Silverstein (who doesn’t love a little Shel Silverstein?) and 2: all three of us are total dreamers. It’s just who we are.

And then there’s me. That’s right; even I was forced into being a model. I had Lauren draw a beautiful feather that frayed into little birds. (And of course I had to play a little trick and let a few people think I had gotten a real tattoo for a second.)

Body Art 5

I mean, look at how real that looks! It looks even better up close when you can see the blue highlights. But even still; if I ever did get a tattoo, I’d add this to the list of designs I’d consider.

I’d say that the first day of the new year was spent well. Hanging out with friends, drawing on ourselves, standing out in 40 degree weather with rainy mist hitting us in the face…avoiding dog poop in Lee’s backyard…definitely worth it if you ask me. Just a little fun in bringing in the new year.

Hopefully within the next day or so, I will finally reveal the big photo shoot for this break. Now that my computer can actually be charged, I can devote some time to finishing up some posts and fliers and things. But until then, I’m going to finish this episode of She-Ra then hit the sack. Night!


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