Monochrome Monday #52

Well, look what we have here! A new blog post?! And so long overdue! Hey, everyone! Long time no write. Sorry about that. New semester, new things to do, always getting sidetracked. But I’m here now with a much-needed Monochrome Monday. There’s bound to be a lot more posts (if I can get myself back into a regular blogging routine) what with me taking a photography class this semester. We’re currently working with black-and-white film which makes me extremely happy because despite my love for digital photography, film is becoming a lost art and I absolutely love working in dark rooms (I successfully developed some negatives for the first time in 4 years!). I’ve got a creative portfolio project that I have to do for my final (and I’m also thinking about using photography for my final creative project for my Hip-hop Feminism class), so those images will surely find their way to the blog as the semester progresses. But until then, how about a trip back in time to late last semester to a shoot I had with my friend Angie:

The "World-hol"

In honor of the late Andy Warhol, I present this simple (read: seriously toned down) play on his famous pop art effect: The World-hol (mostly named such because the editing software I used had a Warhol effect which I used to do this). So what about Andy? Well, I am taking a photography course in which we will be studying famous photographers, and there’s no doubt that Mr. Warhol will be one of them. But even more, I chose this photo for the sheer reason that I’m being drained when it comes to creativity.

You might be thinking: What in the world, Rhonda? You’re the girl who is constantly coming up with completely random photo shoots. How can you, of all people, possibly run out of creativity? Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m running out of creativity; my imagination is far too overactive for that (and I say this as a girl whose 22nd birthday is coming up in a few days while I lay here wearing a Legends of the Hidden Temple t-shirt…I think I’m pretty set on imagination). But this is the first time in which my creativity and artistic ability is being stretched over several classes at once. The question becomes how am I supposed to be a prolific artist? What can I do to outdo what I’ve already done?

That’s where this picture comes in. In general, this is seriously nothing special, just a photo from a fun shoot I had with Angie. But I think that’s kind of the point. It’s seemingly nothing special, but in all actuality, it is. It was a challenge. I have never photographed someone on a long-board before. The challenges of working with someone moving at a faster speed than “I’m just going to lean against this wall while you take a picture” were new to me. It forced me to think outside the box I normally put myself in. A box of standard poses and genuine smiles.

Look at the sky in the photo. It’s vast and full of possibilities, just like every model I film and every photo shoot I conduct. No two sessions are alike, no two models are the same, and no two projects are destined to yield the same results. Why does this matter? Because life is about cruising through on your long-board searching for all the possibilities that you can along the way, something I am in the process of working on as I turn another year older, head towards my college graduation, and sit here panicking over my future (particularly whether or not I’m going to get into grad school). Nevertheless, Angie has managed to do that here in this picture; just cruise with a wide open space to fill with every conceivable outcome which, for her, has included getting married, joining the swim team, and just living a life full of love and laughter. And really, there’s nothing special about that aside from how completely simple and creative it is.

You could probably say Andy Warhol was the same. Using a few neon colors to depict a photo is overtly simplistic yet we hail him as one of the most creative artists of the 20th century. I guess you can learn a lot from a World-hol. 🙂


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