Monochrome Monday #53

Hello, everyone, and good Monday to you. I have taken to posting in my photography class now (mostly because my professor is really bad at repeating himself, so we’re reviewing the importance of layers and the healing tool in Photoshop). So while I await new information, how about a new Monochrome Monday? Here we go:

Long Way Home

Oh, look at us going back in time to summer 2012. It was definitely a good summer, especially in terms of photography. This particular summer marks the summer I braved the intensity of the elements to realize my increased skill from previous years (not to mention the summer I discovered the little Hawaiian ice stand near campus and touched a live bat while cleaning a dorm…but those are stories for another day). And of course, I have to give some credit to my models for helping me reach this new height with my photography.

Felicita has always been a dedicated model and friend, and her shoot from the summer is still one of my favorites to date. I’ve posted this picture as a reminder of where we’re going for the future of my hobby. I called upon Feli over the weekend to help me with some assignments for class. It was kind of weird for the both of us because we’re used to just going with the flow, doing our own thing. I’ve never really been too confined in what I can and can’t do. But since I’m in the part of my class where we’re practicing technique (though now we’re beginning to learn about the guidelines of composition which is great because I’ve already begun planning my final creative project…let’s just say that it is amazing…at least it is in my head), I’ve been forced to work on the assignments given first and creativity second. So my short session with Felicita was a bit tough.

But then I think about the photo above and the work we have done and will continue to do. Time to get all cheesy and sentimental: notice the (clever) use of a vantage point with the train tracks. There’s a long stretch of track to get down, and who knows where that leads. And then there are the balloons filled with helium (side note: did you all know that we are currently experiencing a helium shortage? Glad I got my tank when I did), iconic of endless possibilities.

Here’s where we are: a time in which my photography is growing and expanding in all sorts of ways – expanding in relation to quality/professionalism, expanding in relationship to gaining new models and growing with old ones, and expanding in relationship to an increased demand to being local to hire (no lie, apparently one of my friends has a friend who was legitimately upset that I wasn’t local to hire…so we’re working on that…cool, eh?). But there are all kinds of opportunities out there for me and my models. We’re moving forward, and there’s nowhere to go but up!

Alright, cheesiness over. We’re finally learning new material (that I still already know, but it’s more interesting than usual because we’re looking at some awesome pictures). Be on the look out for some more of my adventures in photography class as well as some outtakes from those assignments. Adios, amigos!


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