Monochrome Monday #54

Happy Monday! It is such a beautiful day outside. It’s a shame that I have to spend it inside talking about lighting instead of getting to go out and shoot…you know, the purpose of this photography class. So instead, I’ll just post about photography. And because it’s Monday, we all know what that means: new Monochrome Monday! This week, I have a different kind of photography for you. I’ve done nature (mostly plants), I’ve done portraits, but today, I have an animal:

Birds of a Feather

It’s a duck! (I’m way too excited about this…) I took this photo in the fall of 2011 at Lake Reba. One of the perks of living in little town, Kentucky is that there are a lot of beautiful places to discover for photography. Lake Reba is located 15 minutes north of my campus, not too far from Eastern Kentucky University. My friend Erica and I decided to go hang out at the lake for a little while and take pictures before our semesters got too busy for us to go out and do anything.

In visiting Lake Reba, we came across this little guy and his flock swimming about the lake and walking on the shore. This made for the perfect opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the day while also, you know, scoring some awesome pictures. What I love most about this photo is how calm everything is. The gentle ripples of the water as the duck cruises across the lake…there’s nothing causing any real disturbances or distractions. It’s just a wonderful day to lounge about.

I think I find a sense of relaxation from this photo. It’s almost the month of March which will literally be the most hectic month of my life. I’ve calculated that I will be spending about 42% of the month living in hotel rooms and traveling within 4 states. But like this here duck, I must glide through everything and just keep calm (which will be hard since 2/3 of the month of March is going to be filled with utter excitement and wonder…and nerdy things…like my acceptance letter to Hogwarts…I’ll tell you about it sometime). This is going to be one crazy ride (literally…because I’m going to be flying on a hippogriff at some point…), but I’m ready for it. It’s all going to be fly…like a bird…specifically a duck (please excuse my terrible sense of humor).

Well, it’s back to learning about lighting for photography. Remember kids, diffuse your light and get the appropriate shadows. Have a great day!


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