Happy Belated Blog-iversary! (Anniversary Special)

Good evening! So I know that today is Monday which usually constitutes a new Monochrome Monday post, but yesterday was a very special day, and because I’ve been busy prepping for a wedding that wasn’t supposed to happen for another month and rehearsing for a friend’s directing final, I totally didn’t get to post. So I’m doing it today because yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my blog! And to think, I’ve somehow managed to keep this up for as long as I have. Crazy! And like last year, I have a special post to celebrate:

Where would I be without my followers? I mean, you all are absolutely amazing! Whether you’re an email subscriber of fellow WordPress user, I couldn’t imagine what this blog would be like without you guys. Every like, every comment…gosh, it makes me smile. And you guys have some incredible taste in art/blogs if I do say so myself. So I present to you the following compilation:

The Best of McClish Photography Studios: Fan Favorite Blog Posts

This list was composed based on the posts that you all have liked. Every time you clicked that star at the bottom of a post, I kept track, and here are your 10 favorite posts from 2012:

  1. Monochrome Monday #36
  2. Monochrome Monday #39
  3. Monochrome Monday Filler
  4. Monochrome Monday #52
  5. An Independence Day Photo
  6. Eyes of a Child Look #1: Lauren
  7. Monochrome Monday #48 (Special Things I’ve Learned Edition)
  8. Monochrome Monday #53
  9. Adventures in Photography Class – Ep. 5: Composition (Part 1)
  10. Adventures in Photography Class – Ep. 2: Film

You all really dig Monochrome Monday, and who can blame you; it’s the segment I get to post the most. And I certainly love to post MM’s because they are always so different. And of course, there will always be time for new posts, and I can’t wait to see what you all will like in the coming year!

The Best of McClish Photography Studios: 2012 Photography

The whole point of this blog is to showcase my photography. And believe it or not, I have my own personal favorite photos that I take. Every year those photos change. My portfolio is constantly expanding and evolving. This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to add the following 12 photos to my list of favorites:

Brandy from her Spring Portrait Session in April 2012

Brandy 7

Erica from her Senior Portrait Session in April 2012

Erica Grad 10

Skye from her Wedding Dress Shopping Experience in June 2012

Say Yes to the Dress

Felicita from the Flight of the Balloons Photo Shoot in June 2012

F.o.B 8

F.o.B 12

Lauren from the Through the Eyes of a Child Photo Shoot in August 2012

Lauren Eyes 1

Lauren Eyes 4

Angie from her Fall Grunge Portrait Session in November 2012

Gangsta 3.0

Molly from the Very Artistic New Year Photo Shoot in January 2013

Body Art 1

The Eiffel Tower from my Adventures in Photography Class in February 2013


Will from his Senior Portrait Session in March 2013

Will March 2013

Will March 2013 Part 2

Those last few fall within the year even though they were taken in 2013. Also, the last two of Will are just a little sneak peek at a recent senior portrait session I had. It’s definitely one that is special to me and I can’t wait to show you some of the other photos. You can see the difference between my photos now and ones I’ve taken in the past. I like that. I feel like I’m really growing. I love the practice and the creativity I get to share with my models. We’re going places and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Feeling the Need to Shout Out

As I’ve said before, this blog would be nothing without some very important people, and I want to take some time to thank them:

My surrogate mother: This should come as no shock. I thanked her last year, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to thank her again (she totally deserves it). At some point during my first year of blogging (and about 2.5 years into my photographic career), I remember getting really frustrated with myself and doubting my ability to be a good photographer. And being the, often times, insecure person that I can be, I threatened (to myself) that I would give up this art and shut down my blog. When I finally mentioned this to my mom, she told me that it was a terrible idea for two reasons:

  1. She thought I was a talented photographer, still growing in the art, and she enjoyed reading about the thoughts I had behind the art I produced. (On top of that, she supports the [healthy] things that make me happy, and photography was/is certainly one of those things, so she wanted me to continue my passion for it.)
  2. She told me that it takes months, sometimes years, for blogs to really start to pick up a fan base so I shouldn’t just give up because traffic to my site hadn’t started flourishing yet.

I can honestly say now, two years into this experience, that I couldn’t be more thankful that she told me to keep my blog because in just the year between now and last, my blog has seen significant growth. More traffic, more followers, more likes, etc. In the past year, I was blessed to be included as number 6 on a fellow blogger’s list of amazing WordPress blogs about photography to visit. I considered that a great honor, and that list still sends new people my way. But had my mom not told me that I was being stupid for giving up, I never would have seen the increased popularity. So thanks, mother dearest, for always supporting me in everything I do and for reminding me not to doubt myself. All of your pushing has led to so many incredible opportunities that I never would have taken on my own from my accepting an internship to my going to grad school. I guess you are pretty awesome (not as awesome as me, of course, but still pretty awesome). :]

My readers: Like I would ever forget you guys! You’re what keep this blog going. For those who have been on this ride since the very beginning, THANKS! Your loyalty and patience has been inexplicably appreciated. And for those who are just hopping on board, THANKS! I promise to deliver to the best of my ability so that you get your…I want to say “money’s worth,” but you don’t have to pay to read this…but my work is priceless…so I’ll just say that I’ll do my best so you get the top-notch quality you come here for every week. Thanks for all the love you show and keep being wonderful. Maybe one day I’ll be taking photos for you. But until then, I’ll just keep learning and growing and sharing my passion with you all.

My models: Well, duh. That’s what you’re probably thinking. I’m primarily a portrait photographer, so of course I need models; that goes without saying. But I’ll say it anyway. My models are absolutely fabulous people who do anything I ask of them without complaint. They are a diverse group of individuals, full of energy, theatrics, poise, laughter, and talent, and I couldn’t do all of the marvelous things I do without their pretty faces. I have had models who have been with me since I first started and we have all been growing together, something I am super thankful for. But I am also thankful for my new models who have joined the MPS express this year, and I pay homage to them below:

New Models 2012

I am so grateful to have such an amazing group of friends who support this hobby, and as long as they continue to want pictures taken, I’ll continue to deliver.

Well, there you have it. Two years of awesome with hopefully more to come. The new year is going to be bringing a lot of changes for me and my photography. In just a few short months, I’ll be graduating and moving beyond Kentucky’s landlocked mountains and Tennessee’s rivers, soaring above the clouds to rest on the sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and volcanoes of Hawaii. My current models will take a break and new ones will hopefully fill the void. I’m taking bigger steps and making a new home for myself on the islands of my dreams, but only for a little while. And though I know that the experience will be vastly different and completely new, I hope that you all will be here reading along and watching my new life unfold through photography. I couldn’t imagine taking this ride without you all, my blog family, and I can’t wait for what year three has in store. So here’s to photography and many more years of art, passion, and the beauty that only our world can give.

Happy birthday!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Snodgrass
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 09:21:09

    I’m very proud of you, and am glad that you have stayed with your blog and your photography. You are very talented, and I am happier and happier everyday as you grow and develop. Also I reading this just gave me an idea for another part of your graduation gift……but I’m not telling what it is. :0) Talk about mean. Love you!


  2. Snodgrass
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 09:22:48

    That should say, “Also reading this….” As a former English teacher I have to correct my own mistakes. (There also should not be a comma after the first “you”.)


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