Seaside Season (Spring Break Part 2)

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I meant to post on Monday, but I had a million things to do. Then I was going to post yesterday, but we took a field trip in class, so I couldn’t do it then. But worry not! Tonight I have some more gorgeous photos from my lovely spring break:

Florida Palms

I love palm trees in a way that only affirms that I should live in tropical areas. I also like silhouettes. So to be able to get both, especially during a sunset, was pretty awesome. I love the pinks, purples, and blues. I love the light breeze blowing the palm tree. I love the lightness of the clouds. Florida is just so serene.

Night Piers

See what I mean? Ok, so I recognize that this photo is a bit blurred, but there was something about this particular place that I still had to capture, blurred or not. On our first night in Melbourne, we were supposed to go to this seafood restaurant off the beach. They had this pier thing that extended out pretty far in the water. To be completely surrounded by the ocean during sunset and to see the moon in one of its crescent phases was so beautiful. I felt like I could just sit out there for hours studying the flow of the water while being hugged by the wind.

I guess, in general, I’m just meant to be a beach girl. See below:

Beaches and Thing

I spent the first morning in Florida here. Sunshine, warm sand, ridiculous wind perfect for wind surfing…prior to this trip, I had only been to the beach once in my life: Panama City Beach when I was 10. I have pictures of me playing in the Gulf of Mexico, thoroughly enjoying myself. Finally, 12 years later, I got to hit the beach again, and I loved the blue skies and surfers even more than I had the first time.

Foam Wave

Speaking of surfing: the waves were awesome! Not specifically for surfing on this particular day (though normally they are…and I don’t typically think of surfers when I think of Florida), but they were so cool. The waves would roll in leaving behind their foam, but there wouldn’t be enough water to take the foam back so when the wind blew, there were little foam suds rolling across the beach. I don’t know why, but it was like Poseidon and Triton were making picture perfect moments for me.

Well, I guess that’s about it for all of the nice pictures from spring break. Everything else was me acting silly at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I wish I could go back, or rather, I wish time would speed up just a little so I can be on the shores of Hawai’i. I can only imagine all of the natural beauty that I’ll see there. But anyway, I’m off to keep working on stuffing and addressing my graduation/reception invitations. Apparently my family thought it was a great idea to invite pretty much every family member/family-friend we’ve ever had. I’m not even inviting that many people on my “personal friends” list (as my aunt calls it). But I guess I like parties, so it’s no big deal. Have a great night everyone!


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