Monochrome Monday #55

I’m starting to consider this whole “posting late at night” thing to be a bad habit. I should be asleep since this is tech (read: hell) week for us in the theatre, but obviously I’m not so I guess I’ll just post for you all instead. It’s been about 2 weeks since the last Monochrome Monday, and that’s simply unacceptable. So here’s a new one for you:

The Karen Session

This is my friend Karen. She’s obsessed with knitting/crocheting, fresh seafood (I can’t blame her; she’s from Maryland), and llamas. She was one of my residents last year, and since I doubled as her RA and labor supervisor, we spent quite a bit of time together. One such time was late last spring when the weather was perfect for sitting on our porch blowing bubbles and playing music.

This is what I call The Karen Session, a special kind of jam session in which anything and everything goes.

What I love about this photo is how tame it is. Karen, at any given time on any given day, is typically the bouncing off the walls type. Not overly so, but she gets excited about her favorite things (Supernatural, yarn crafts, and again, llamas…I’m being dead serious). Her excitement about life is probably one of the most refreshing things I’ve experienced during my time as an RA. And I’ve had some of the most interestingly fun adventures with her. Because Karen is from Maryland, her mom always sends her back from a break with a bag full of fresh crabs, and Karen always holds some grand dinner where we get to pick crabs and enjoy the meat and other delicious foods she cooks. And then there was that one time we made ice cream…good times.

But occasionally Karen has those moments of peace where she’s very clearly in the zone, guitar in hand, quietly strumming and singing. I think my favorite “Karen session” involved us singing Paramore’s “The Only Exception” and Kiss Me” by Six Pence None the Richer in the living room area of our dorm. It was quiet, only about 3 or 4 of us in the room just sitting there singing. And not that obnoxious singing that you do when you’re joking around while driving with the top down on a perfect summer day, but the kind of singing you do when you’re truly in the heart of a jam session.

I guess it’s a nice sense of peace before these next few weeks get super crazy. I graduate in 27 days, and the amount of work I have to do between now and then is enough to make me want to just crawl in a hole and stay there. Staying busy is just another aspect of growing up. But sometimes it’s not a bad idea to just whip out the old guitar and swing on the porch swing and just enjoy the world around you. I think this photo of Karen says that best. Take time in life to enjoy the little things.

Alright, I’m done being sentimental. It really is time for bed. Knowing me, I’ll complain about how tired I am in the morning, but it’ll all be my fault for going to bed so late. Happy Monday, and sweet dreams!


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