Monochrome Monday #56

It’s Monday. I am so tired. Actually, maybe I’m not. I think I’m on my second wind (or fifteenth…) so it doesn’t really feel like I’m tired even though I probably am…if that even makes any sense. I stayed up til 7 a.m. working on a research paper that was due today, but it was my last research paper as an undergrad, so the relief of being done with writing for the next four months or so is refreshing. In celebration, I have a new Monochrome Monday for you:

I’m going to keep things short today. Keeping with the theme of “Will,” I present yet another picture of my dear friend.

The Bain

I just can’t help but to love this kid. This is probably the meekest and most innocent I have ever seen him. There’s a sense of vulnerability in this photo that I just love. I don’t know if it’s the fact that Will was trying to feel handsome while doing this or if it’s just that we tend to be much more open when we’re around each other. (Terry was in the background, too, so he could easily be a part of this.) I think that sometimes it’s ok to show that tender side. Will often tries to hold up this tough exterior in order to protect himself from some of the negative experiences he’s had. But I think we all do that. We all have those things we shield ourselves from, but it’s those very moments of vulnerability that make us the most beautiful.

Well, I’m going to go now and watch Terry and Victoria practice doing pirouettes for their ballet class. I am such a critic…this is what happens when my best friend is a ballerina. I should probably be taking a nap, but staying up until bedtime might just be the better option. Adios.


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