Spring Photography Season: Sneaks & Peeks

Morning! I should be asleep, and I’m about to head off to do just that, but before I lay my little head on my pillow, I figured I’d post some images from 6, yes SIX, recent photo sessions (I’m well underway in my photography final portfolio which is why all of these photo shoots are occurring). I’m in the process of editing them all and posting them for the appropriate parties to see, but why not give you guys a little taste of the wonderful things to come on the blog? Take a look below:


Kylie 1

Kylie 2

This mini session occurred around the first day it really started to feel like spring. Sundresses and flip flops are Kylie’s favorite attire, so we decided to capture the moment in order to celebrate the shift in seasons.

Reaching the Pinnacle


Remember that post I made about hiking mountains? Well, there’s more to come from that adventure, especially some nice ones of my friend Peytone.


Angie Lights

Angie’s back and better than ever with this completely random photo session inspired by some wonderful pictures she found on Google. This shoot involved bathtubs and Christmas lights, so you know it’s going to be good.


Megan 1 Megan 2









It’s graduation season which means senior portraits are extremely popular. My friend Megan is new to my photography and she asked me to take her senior pictures for her graduation invitations. Megan is quite the diva, and her photos were fun to take.

Friendship is Magic

Friendship 1

Friendship 2

My friend Carmen approached me about taking photos of her and some of her friends before she graduated. This is the biggest group I have worked with all at once. Normally I have a bunch of friends present at a session and shoot them all individually, but this time, they were all involved. I found the experience challenging and a good lesson in group photography.

Hell’s Goddess

P&B 1 P&B 2









P&B 3

And lastly, there’s my latest photo session with Brandy and Peytone. The girls broke out their favorite red dresses to become the goddesses of hell and wreak beautiful havoc on campus. I truly enjoyed this shoot, and I think they did, too. We got some beautiful shots, and I hope I can use at least one for my final portfolio. If not, there will be some hell to pay (pun intended).

I can’t wait to show you guys the final edits from each of these shoots. It might take a while to get through, especially since I am a couple of months behind on posts (I still have stuff to show from the summer…yeah, I’m that behind), but this just means I’ve got plenty of material to last me a while. So sit back and get ready for a show because this spring season is hopping for McClish Photography Studios with new models, new adventures, and tons of new photography!

Alright. Off to bed now. Night!


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