Monochrome Monday #58

Happy Monday to you. It is finals week here on campus which means that while everyone else I know is toiling diligently with their studying, I am sitting around procrastinating on packing because I don’t really have much to do. I took one relatively easy final today and have my last one tomorrow afternoon. And then I’m kind of just spending the rest of the week working and cleaning and sleeping. Of course, all of that is leading up to a rather special day on Sunday. And speaking of such a special occasion, I have a photo for this Monochrome Monday to express how I feel:

The Journey Home

I graduate from college in SIX (6) days.

The six longest days of my life, I’m sure, but I’m excited nonetheless. So I figured the above photo of my friend Will would sum up my emotions. Well…maybe not since Will is a completely different wreck than I am. Why? I have not been crying over the fact that I am graduating where Will totally has. In fact, out of the 5 of us theatre majors graduating this weekend, only two of us have been tear free.

I guess there are several reasons we all feel different things. For Will, it’s that this place has been home to him for so long. With everything he’s gone through in the past 4 years, the friends he’s made and the professors he’s bonded with have been the closest to family he’s had. For me, I crave bigger cities and my friends from home (not that my friends here at school haven’t been swell, because they have; it’s more that I just need a diversity and cultural awareness that I haven’t quite always gotten here). Will is also looking for something to do after graduation (though he does have a job lined up at the local coffee shop), whereas my life (for the moment) is set for the next two years.

But somewhere along the line, the feelings of finally accomplishing something as big as getting one’s undergraduate degree is exciting to Will. I think it’s more amazing to/for me because four years ago, I never would have actually seen myself robed in black, making my way across that stage to get my diploma. Some people know they can do it all along, but for some people, it takes a little longer to realize. So this photo is the epitome of that. The class of 2013 has worked long and hard to achieve a goal that not everyone can say they’ve done. Especially those of us who attend Berea College. We go to a school that gives students of great financial need the chance to further their education. I haven’t always appreciated that about my collegiate experience, but it’s been worth it (most days).

And though me and Will and everyone else will be beginning our own journeys home (old or new, wherever that may be), there will always be a piece of us here in Berea and a piece of Berea will always been in us. It’s cheesy, but it’s true. Saying goodbye is sad for most people, but I don’t think I’m really saying goodbye. I don’t know how many times I will return to these mountains (and trust me, I don’t intend for it to be very often), but maybe it’s not really goodbye. Maybe it’s more like the Hawaiian phrase my friend Rachel taught me today: a hui hou. It means see you soon/until we meet again. Maybe that’s all this is.

And to me, that’s something to look forward to and celebrate.


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