Monochrome Monday #59 (Graduation Edition)

Well, good evening. Sorry for the late post, but it has been a crazy weekend/day. As the title of this post implies, I recently graduated from college. That’s right, I have a degree (those fools, letting me graduate from a real college). That pretty much means nothing in this economy, but hey! This wasn’t slated to happen four years ago when I first set out on this leg of my life’s journey. But here I am, a college graduate, an alum of Berea College. Yesterday’s graduation was nothing but smiles…and rain. But somehow that didn’t matter because the atmosphere was all excitement and pride. Walking across that stage, getting my diploma, watching my friends graduate…it was a feeling I will never forget. Especially since today’s Monochrome Monday was captured by my mom:

Graduation 2013

I think my photography skills might be rubbing off on her.

I’m going to keep this short and simple because there are a million words I could say about this whole experience. Words of thanks, words of advice, words that will become lost in tears (I have managed to go this whole time without crying and part of me wants to keep it that way). But what I have learned during this weekend and my reception today is that I am loved. I have a group of individuals who support me no matter what. My mom keeps saying she’s proud of me and my aunt won’t stop hugging me.

And I am grateful for the support. I appreciate the love, and though this part of my life has ended, there’s still so much for me to learn. So here’s to graduating and moving on to bigger and better things. Here’s to living, laughing, learning, and loving. Congrats class of 2013; we did it!


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