Apologies and Redemption

I know, I know. Look who’s finally making a post for the first time in almost two weeks. I’m sorry I’ve left you guys hanging. Between graduating and starting my internship, I have become so busy that I now only have time for one or two blog posts a day/every few days. And most of my attention has been going towards my other blog (Adventures in Aloha) because I have been doing a lot of prepping for my transition to grad school in the spare time I have (and trust me, there’s not much spare time for all of that either). But I certainly haven’t forgotten about my endeavors here, so to make up for my absence as of late, I have a “let’s start again” post for you all:

So remember last month when I made that one post with sneak peeks of my most recent photo sessions? Well, I have one full look for you. I’ve decided to present this one a bit differently than my normal running stream of photos simply because I want to try to conserve some page space/memory usage. Plus, all four images you are about to see are extremely similar to one another, so why not just lump them together in a nice little collage?

Kylie Collage

Just to recap, since it has been a while since the sneak peek, this is my friend Kylie. This can be a bit confusing considering how I have another friend named Kylie who has also participated in my photography. Of course, both Kylie’s are vastly different from each other personality-wise, but still (it always poses a problem when I go to text one of them…I always manage to text the wrong one). This particular Kylie above is basically my Kentucky partner in crime, in a good way.

Gosh, what can I say about Kylie? She’s that girl from a small country town looking to better herself through education and have a good time. She’s a little picky, a tad insecure, but she has perfect hair when she wakes up in the morning (so I think, though she begs to differ). Kylie’s addicted to Snap-chat and Vine, listens to punk rock, and has the funniest relationship with her mother (very sitcom like). Despite her love for coffee and saying “wah” anytime someone complains about something, I can’t help but to be friends with her.

We once came to the conclusion that we could totally get married and stand the test of time. So I am “Wifey” and she is “Hubs,” and that’s just how our friendship gets along. Because everyone needs that one friend who will go the distance, the friend who brings you McDoubles when she gets off work, the friend who builds a wall of balloons for you to discover when you open your door on your birthday, the friend who escorts you to the hospital when you have a seizure and pass out in the shower while you’re sick…Kylie’s that friend.

And so these images of Kylie on the first real day of spring act as a testament of her outer beauty as well as her inner beauty. She may be a struggle sometimes, but she’s still a person worth knowing.

I hope to start getting myself back on track over the course of the next few days/weeks. I can admit to you now that my posting will probably be limited to nights and weekends since my internship is Monday-Friday from 8 am – 4 pm (sometimes a little earlier/later depending on when I’m working before/aftercare). But I’ll get caught up eventually. But until then, have a good weekend!


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