Monochrome Monday #60

Oh, hey there! How’s it going? I’m just sitting here, posting on the blog because I can! You may be wondering why I’m in such a good mood, and the answer is simple: I am off work for the next week! The amount of sleep I plan on catching up on is ridiculous. So to kick-start my week off,  how about a new Monochrome Monday:

Exploration Nation

Oh, look; it’s Peytone! She’s a special one: totally lazy and looks like she’s seven, but that’s the best part about knowing Peytone (things I point out to her pretty much everyday. I can’t help it; she’s a complainer and totally sarcastic, so picking on her is almost a defense mechanism considering how much she picks on me, too). But anyway.

This picture was taken during an afternoon hike up our school’s mountain (the fact that I went to a college that basically owns a mountain is so strange yet oddly awesome). Despite Peytone’s laziness, she seemed perfectly content exerting the energy to climb giant slabs of rock. But that’s alright because I get awesome pictures like this. So what do I like about this? I like the sense of adventure, the texture of the rocks, and the fact that for once, I captured something that Peytone genuinely enjoyed doing.

I say that last one because all Peytone really wants to do with her life is sleep and pet dogs (true story). Finding things that she truly enjoys is tough (hence why she still hasn’t declared a major yet), but when I find these little treasures (like happily hiking a mountain on a lovely spring day), it’s like making a breakthrough. But I guess that maybe it only feels like that because it’s like taking a step towards figuring out just what Peytone expects from life. The truth is that she already knows, she just has to discover it. And this photo represents her sense of adventure and the ability for her to climb her own mountain to figure things out.

Well, I’m going to roll out. I’ll post more wonderful pictures soon. But for now, I bid you adieu!


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