Monochrome Monday #61

Hey. Hi. How’s it going? Happy Memorial Day to you. Hope your start to barbeque season has been a good one. I’ve been lounging about all day trying to use as little energy as possible since it’s really hot in my house and it’s my last day off before returning to my internship. But you probably don’t want to read about that because you came here for the photography. So let’s hop to it with this new Monochrome Monday:

Mamaw Jones

Think back to that big sneak peek post from last month and you may remember seeing this fresh face, a new model. This is my friend Megan, but we lovingly call her Mamaw or Makeup Mistress when she’s doing her design work in the theatre. I have known this girl for the past four years and though we’ve graduated from undergrad now, the stories we have to tell are a combination of hilarious, scary, and raunchy (at least a lot of them are in Megan’s case).

When Megan asked me to take her senior pictures earlier this spring (and I promise I haven’t forgotten about all the photos I need to catch up on in terms of uploading to the blog and such), I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to help make this diva happy and proud to finally be graduating. Megan had a tough senior year in many ways, but the one thing I’ve always loved about Megan is that she’s a fighter and never takes no for an answer.

I remember the time sophomore year when I forced Megan to take the stairs instead of the elevator in our dorm. She ended up falling down said flight of stairs, and I merely brushed off the possibility that anything bad could have resulted from the fall. Turned out she had a broken toe. It’s those random stories that have defined our friendship. Moments of angry rantings about how much we hated stupid people or doing parodies of the Maury Show using Oedipus Rex or thoroughly enjoy nightly performances of Rocky Horror.

Of course there’s so much more I could say. Megan was always the person who supported my desires to transfer (even though it never happened), not because she hated my presence but simply because she wanted nothing more than for me to be happy and comfortable wherever I chose to be. She understands what it’s like to be a big girl and stands up for what she believes in. She cares deeply about all of her friends, sometimes to the point that it hurts, but that doesn’t seem to matter to her. That’s why we call her Mamaw. That’s just what Mamaws do; they care for their own no matter what.

I love this photo because it shows just how beautiful she is, and not on account of my personal skill, but on the account that Megan is a wonderful person inside and out. Strong, outspoken, talented, nurturing…Sure, she still has a lot of growing to do, we all do, but her journey is impressive, and she’s going to do great things for the world one day. She already has.


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