Crazy Kids (Part 1)

Happy hump day, everyone! Sorry about the lack of Monochrome Monday this week. Despite being off work and having all the free time in the world, I find myself completely bored out of my mind and missing being at work (I went outside for the first time in, like, 3 days yesterday). This might be a testament to how much I love my internship, but in the meantime, I have spent pretty much everyday watching cartoons and not using any brain cells. So I figured that I could do a bit more with my life by posting some lovely photography for you all to see since I haven’t done that in a while. I’m backtracking a bit to November when I had a grunge shoot with my friend Angie:

Angie 1

Angie 2Angie 3









There is just nothing like a fall day spent cruising about campus on a long board. Angie approached me about doing a shoot like this when she saw an ad for some photo contest for girls who ride long boards. That then turned into the images you see now. This was beyond anything I had ever done before because this shoot had a lot of movement in it. I think it was also challenging because I wanted to do justice to the grunge style that Angie possesses through the photos we took. With only a limited amount of time to work, I’d say that things turned out well.

Angie 3

This photo is among my top three favorites from this shoot. There’s just something so cool and hardcore about it. It might be Angie’s hair falling in front of her face or the overall skater look she’s got going. Either way, I love the Icona Pop “I Don’t Care” attitude that exudes from this piece. Sometimes I wish I was a skater girl so I could give off that kind of vibe in my pictures (just saying).

Angie 5

Angie always brings an interesting perspective and a refreshing breath of air to a photo session. She’s always eager to try something new and has a ton of ideas of her own. A lot of times with my models, I’m the one put in charge of coming up with a majority of the ideas (themes, clothing choices, poses), but Angie is just as much of an artist as I am and often approaches me about what we can do for our next big artistic project. It’s nice to have someone else just as devoted to creating art and having fun as I am, especially when I’m not at home with my usual models.

Angie 6Angie 7









Angie 8

Well, we have reached the end of this first intensive look into my fall portrait session with Angie. The second half of this session changed from skater girl to a much more fashion chic event. I can’t wait to post those photos as well as some from all of the other sessions I had over the course of last summer and throughout the school year. In the meantime, if you’d like to look at some of the cool things that Angie does with her fashion/entrepreneurship, check out her website Dare to be Foolish. Be on the look out for more stuff including a new segment (sort of) about the things that inspire my photography. Have a great rest of the day!


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