Inspiration Station: The Pursuit of Happiness

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in a month. My life is 100% run by my internship at the moment, not that I mind much simply because I love going to work everyday. But with only a few weeks until my internship ends, I figured it was time to get back into the swing of blogging. So I have some new inspiration for you:

So just a reminder, none of these images are my own work but they do serve a purpose. I am always in search of exciting images created by other artists to enhance my own imagination. What I love particularly about these photos is the sheer level of creativity and love put into creating each one. These photos evoke a sense of happiness when I look at them, and if I can learn to embed that into my own photography, then I think that I have done my job as an artist whenever I attempt to show this emotion.

Happiness Inspiration

Even more, I would love to try some of these, especially the carnival ride. After all, it is summer, and what better time to go out and be filled with love and laughter than on a warm sunny day? In the few weeks I’ll have to spare after my internship ends, I plan on catching up on my photography. There’s a lot of beauty and happiness to be found in the world, and I feel inspired to capture it as soon as I can.


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