Views from Across the Ocean

Hey there. Long time no write. I feel like I get worse and worse with each passing week, and for that, I am extremely sorry. Lots has happened since I last wrote to you, namely this:

Views from Across the Ocean

I moved to Hawaii.

Yeah, that’s a thing. A photographically beautiful thing. I got here earlier this week. I spent the first few days in a hotel before I could move into my apartment today. Now I’m sitting here on my couch wondering how in the world I managed to make the decision to pick up my entire life and move across the country to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I should be playing Wiz Khalifa’s Young, Wild, and Free, yet I don’t feel that way entirely. I feel oddly anxious still. I mean, I’m not nearly as freaked out as I was in the days/hours/minutes leading up to my departure, but I’m definitely still in awe at this change of pace and scenery. Everything is so picture perfect yet daunting all at the same time.

Anyway. In the picture above, I’m on one of the beaches that makes up Waikiki. That giant land mass in the background is Diamond Head. I plan to conquer that beast during the two years I’m here. I’ve added a waterproof camera to my arsenal for added awesome. I’m on an island and completely surrounded by tropical fish and gorgeous blue water. What about that isn’t perfect for some photography? And my obligations are different this go around. This semester, as I begin my graduate work, I finish everyday (except Monday)  at 2 in the afternoon. As a student here, I get to ride the city bus for free. So let’s do the math:

Me + an island surrounded by tropical fish and blue waters + a waterproof camera + free bus rides + free time = all the photography one could ever dream of

I’m truly digging that equation.

The View

I hardly know what to do with myself. I just…this is all so new to me. I still wonder if I made the right decision, and I’m sure I won’t know the real answer for another few weeks or months (maybe even a year or once I’m done getting my Masters). I can’t help being worried, yet I find myself filled with the excitement of all the possibilities that lie ahead. I always think back to the words my “mom” said to me my senior year of high school:

Try, or else you’ll regret it.

Ever since that point, I have been trying different things in the hopes of figuring myself out and that of the world of around me. I have been working to not regret a thing, and in this very moment, I can’t say that I regret making this drastic move. And I hope I don’t come to regret anything about it.

So that is my life at this moment. I know I always promise to get back on track, and I will continue to keep working on being a better blogger. There’s always room for improvement, and since I have been photography free for a while now, I think I’ll have a fresh perspective. So sit back and enjoy the ride. We’re in Hawaii now, and things are about to get beachy. Aloha!


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