If I Had An Instagram Account

Oh, hey. I’m a champion at this whole photography thing. I honestly never expected graduate school to be this energy draining, and I haven’t been able to find the time to do the thing I love the most: go out and take pictures. My roommates and I have talked about it, and I expect that very soon, I’ll be out and about taking lovely pictures. It’s all I want out of life. What I don’t want is an Instagram account (I’m just a little too hipster for that. I was taking pictures before taking pictures was cool). But if I did have an Instagram account, I would post the following:

Morning Bows

Tuesday morning double rainbows over lower campus.

On my way to my TA meeting yesterday, I saw a lot of people stopping and looking in awe at something. Since I live in lower campus with the athletic division and all of its stadiums and complexes as my backyard (message about the state of my health much?), it’s not unusual for us to stop and stare at the attractive figures practicing out on the fields below; but this time was different because people were looking up which only meant one thing:

There was a rainbow.

As we approach the rainy season here in Honolulu, rainbows become even more prevalent than before, and trust me, there are rainbows almost every morning since it rains almost every night (but I normally miss them because I’m asleep at 8 am…except for on Tuesdays now…). I have always been fascinated by rainbows. They’re a bit hard to come by in Nashville, not that we never get them, but we don’t normally have the ideal conditions for them. In Hawai’i, sun showers are an everyday occurrence. It was only my 3rd or 4th day in my apartment when I first experienced this phenomenon. I had just talked to my aunt who had asked me how the weather was, and here, it’s pretty predictable (sunny, 80 degrees, big fluffy white clouds, and a nice breeze). But as soon as I hung up, one of my roommates said that it was raining, something it had not been doing only 30 seconds before. Even more, the sun was shining as bright as day and the sky was blue, but sure enough, there was water spilling from the heavens. And we all know where water and light refractions occur, lines of color are sure to follow.

I like rainbows. There’s something so beautiful about them. Whether you look at them from a strictly scientific sense or in a religious one (you know, God put a rainbow in the sky to signify his promise to man that He’d never destroy the world again by water) or both (as I often do), it’s just magical. And when you see two of them in the sky at once? It’s a reminder to me that there’s beauty in everything, even when it rains. Even when the sun is beating down on you and you have no air conditioning. Even when you’re stressed out about school or just feeling sad. There is always a sign of beauty out there to remind you about the simple things, to remind us to just breathe…


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