Monochrome Monday #64

Happy Monday! Oh, man, the feeling of blogging again is absolutely phenomenal. I don’t know why, but I feel like I have a lot to say now. I could blame it on the fact that I’m now officially in the second half of the semester which means that every 20 page research paper and creative project will be due within the next 6-ish weeks and I need a procrastination tool. And what better way to procrastinate than to share my photography with you all? I couldn’t dream of anything better. And since it is Monday that means a brand new MM post:Before my roommate freaks out upon seeing this photo (I have this feeling that she’s going to argue that the following image is unflattering which is completely false on all accounts), please note that this is the epitome of the adventure we went on a two weeks ago.

A Sense of Adventure

I think I’ve always wanted to do that hipster beach picture. You know, the profound kind of photo with the Indie photo filter that makes everyone jealous that they’re not where you are. I recently read an article about annoying Facebook status behavior and one of the examples was posting about being in places like Hawai’i. Well, looks like I finally achieved my secret hipster photo, Instagram-worthy, annoying Facebook behavior quota.

So what do I love about this photo aside from everything? I can say that I originally hated the water droplets on the lens which make those lovely blurred spots in the photo. But then I thought about it as I studied the image more; the water droplets actually increase the aesthetic nature of the photo in my opinion. Why? Because it’s so raw. Think about it: we spent all day swimming about in the Makapu’u tide pools, and it stands to reason that at some point, our eyes would be clouded by ocean water. Think of surfacing and simply opening your eyes to see the clouded outline of someone standing there overlooking the ocean.

See? Profound.

There’s something so soothing and innocent about this picture. There’s a sense of stillness and serenity. The water is gently rippling (though I’m going to kill this moment by pointing out that you can see the water gathering itself for a big swell if you look close enough), the air is quiet. It’s strange; in a way, you can almost hear the waves crashing on the rocks. You can almost feel the sun beating down on your skin. You can close your eyes and imagine the fish swimming in the ocean below. There’s a sense of adventure in this photo, an appreciation for being in such an amazing place. What a feeling, eh?

I promise that I will not torture you with any more photos of Hawai’i, or rather, at least not until my next big adventure (I have no clue when that is, though). Instead, I will lay Makapu’u to rest and begin digging out all of those photos I have been meaning to post for months. I finally transferred my hierarchy of folders over to this here new laptop of mine. Now to do the same for my iTunes…but anyway. Until next time, have a great Monday!


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