Monochrome Monday #65

Hello all. It’s a little late in the evening for a Monochrome Monday post (especially considering how it’s already early Tuesday morning on the other side of the country), but it’s almost 9 pm here in Honolulu and I wanted to post before I delved deeper into my homework. I’m going to keep things pretty short and simple, especially given the nature of tonight’s photo. You can see what I mean below:

I WIll Become Calm

“I will become calm. Anxiety will fade away. A wonderful inner confidence will overcome my doubts and set me free to live my life the way I really want to.” – A. O. Barton

I’ve been a little on the stressed-out side as of late. Not necessarily in terms of school, but in other aspects of life. My weekend wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and I’ve been very hard on myself. But on my way back to campus on Sunday, I came across these beautiful hibiscus flowers growing on some nearby bushes. I couldn’t help but to stop and look at them because they were exactly the kind of thing I needed to see.

You see, sometimes we need reminders. Reminders that we are beautiful, that the best things in life are free, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and can be found all around us. Reminders that simplicity is sometimes the key to beating out stress, that it’s ok to be different, ok to be sad, ok to not know what you’re doing. Reminders that we are loved, even when your loved ones seem to have forgotten about you or maybe you’re just too scared to let them know you still need them. And sometimes those reminders come in the form of white and yellow flowers dotting a sidewalk bush. Because it was those very flowers that reminded me that there is so much wonder in the world, and I will ultimately stress myself out to the point of no return if I don’t stop to just breathe. I’m always pushing myself, and if I don’t take some time to just stand still, even for a moment, I’m bound to lose myself in the process.

So whatever negative way you might be feeling, just take some time to breathe. Find time to notice the simpler things in life. If you’re on the continental US, enjoy the changing leaves and crisp, cool air of autumn. Stop to admire the beauty of someone you love. Write yourself a note saying that you can do anything. Be yourself. Just relax. Just remember…


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