Monochrome Monday #66

Good morning! It’s a beautiful sun-shower Monday. I wish I could figure out a way to capture such a phenomenon. It rarely happens back home, but here? Raining while the sun is shining bright and the sky is the deepest of blues is an everyday occurrence. My particular favorite is when it’s completely dry in lower campus (where I live) but pouring down in upper campus (where all of my classes are. I have been soaked to the bone by rain twice this semester). But enough about me. How are you, dearest readers? Ready for a new Monochrome Monday?! I’ve really debated what I was going to post this week. I had one idea in mind and then changed at the last-minute:

I was originally going to post this cool shot from a photo shoot from spring of last year (oh man…I feel so old at this moment). It was going to be the perfect follow-up to Halloween (which I didn’t even get to celebrate…for shame? For shame, indeed), so I guess maybe it would have made more sense to post last Monday. But I decided to save it for a later date in exchange for thinking about recent events and my future.

City of Lights

This may look a little familiar. Way back when I was a senior in college (you know, back in my days of undergrad…all of 9 months ago), I took that photography class where we did all of these different assignments to practice various techniques such as framing and blurred-action. This little gem was a part of the series of composition photos surrounding rule-of-thirds. After a while, I just started playing around with my Christmas lights because I am obsessed with the beauty that is bokeh, and I love my miniature Eiffel Tower, so I just kind of ran with the idea.

I had almost forgotten about these photos until recently when I had a conversation with my adviser about my plan for my time here in grad school. After sorting out the biggest academic problem I’ve had since graduating from undergrad, we talked more long-term. Being the very detailed, organized, future-oriented person that I am (typically), I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to spend my summer vacation. Ideally, I would love to get another internship. I thoroughly enjoyed working at the children’s theatre back home and I want nothing more than to get even more experience in the field I’ve chosen. The big question, then, became where I wanted to be. Here in Hawai’i? On the mainland? Or even abroad?

Yes, abroad.

And the answer is not as clear as I once thought it was. At first, I could say that I knew for certain that I wanted to at least be on the continental US. I have three places in mind that I want to apply to, one only a few hours from home. At least then I could be a little closer to my friends and family making a trip home more plausible and possible. I thought that’s exactly the kind of thing I wanted and needed. So many amazing pieces of news have been coming my way since last Tuesday. And being able to venture home this summer would allow me the chance to celebrate with and hug my little sister, to play with my newborn nephew, to just be in the presence of the one person who knows me almost as well as I know myself…

But what if I could do something bigger than that? Not that I don’t want to swing by home for a little while, even if just for a few days. But what if I could get vital theatre experience here in Honolulu? Or what if my journey takes me overseas to the wonders of Europe? What if I could photograph more than just the lights surrounding my souvenir Eiffel Tower? What if I was actually there to see it myself? What if I trained with the best in Ireland or went gallivanting in the waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Greece? One of my best friends is currently in Spain for the year teaching English to little kids. We’re working on my coming to visit in May before she returns to the states. What if I could spend part of my summer doing something fun and bigger than myself?

The above photograph reminds me of the decision I’m going to have to make. I don’t think I have a real preference as long as I’m learning and enjoying myself. But if I had to put an order to where I’d most like to be vs. least, I could probably say for certain that in 3rd place would be here in Hawai’i. Not that I don’t like it here because I totally do. But even I need a change of pace every once in a while. But would I rather be near home or in another country? I can’t really say and any opportunity will be greeted with open arms and ready mind. Decision making is tough. And it certainly doesn’t help that so many things are going on at home with my loved ones. But I think that in time, the right choice will surface. And I may have to put off those lights and that Tower for just a little while longer, or it may be waiting for me sooner than I think…


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