Back to My Roots…Sort Of

Ah, good Tuesday evening to you. I’m not entirely certain how I am functioning at this moment. I normally have to wake up on Tuesdays at 8 am for an 8:30 TA meeting. Instead, I woke up at 7:30 this morning. I’ve been early for everything today (and with no homework for tonight, I wonder why I’m not taking a nap). I’ve been in an overall good mood as of late. Gosh, what is wrong with me? I won’t complain, though; this is good practice for the future. Anyway. On to what I really came here to talk about:

Yesterday I had an idea. If you can think way back to my humble beginnings as a photographer, you might recall that my start in this hobby was birthed from a pair of pants. Jeans, actually. A mere accident, but it was the best accident I have ever had (rivaling other famous accidents like chocolate chip cookies and post-it notes). From that point on, I seem to have developed an affinity for attention to fashion in my photo shoots. Fashion is such a big topic nowadays covering a wide array of subcategories including modesty, color trends, etc. My personal style choices hinge on comfort. I am a fiend for jeans, graphic tees, hoodies, and sneakers (so basically I am as fashion conscious as a 12-year-old girl).

So what does any of this matter?

A good question, and I promise I have a point. Since my initial start in photography revolved around clothes, I decided to go back to those roots yesterday. I occasionally put real effort into how well an ensemble works together. And because I settled on wearing my fabulous “Aloha” tank, I wanted to get a little “artsy.”

Indie Aloha

I’m still not quite sure what compelled me to jump on my bed for the sake of a photograph (it was really just an excuse for me to use my tripod), but I’ve been finding myself in the mood to do an Instagram inspired photo shoot. Despite being anti-conformist and refusing to use Instagram for the time being (I’m addicted to enough online trends as is), I love looking at the heavily cross-processed photos that my friends take, especially of fun things like carnival rides and the beach. In some ways, I think the overly processed vintage thing is exciting and artistic in its own right. Thus I have found myself strongly wanting to replicate such a phenomenon for a little piece of my own work. This self-portrait (of sorts) is the jumping off point.

I think I’m just ready to try something new and have fun with it. As much as I want to get back into the swing of photography, and as much as I want to increase my skill, I also came into this hobby because I enjoyed it. I never came into this to be taken seriously as a professional, though I wouldn’t necessarily turn that down should such an opportunity arise one day. My work doesn’t hold a candle to professionals or even to a lot of other amateur artists out there, but that’s ok because for me, it’s about having fun. And if jumping on my bed after a long day of class and stripping myself down to the relatively raw and gritty nature that is this photo is fun, then my work will ultimately benefit from it.

Who knew that a tank top could do all of that?


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