Monochrome Monday #68

Oh hi there. I’m posting early. Or rather, I’m posting early for me because it’s technically still Sunday night here in Honolulu, but WordPress is telling me that it’s already Monday. And to keep from missing a post (because Monday is a going to be a big busy day for me), I figured I would go on and just post today’s (tomorrow’s?) Monochrome Monday. So here we go:

I apologize in advance if it sounds like I’m rambling. I’m getting my soul dance on to some John Newman.

Mountain Spring

Alright! Nothing like nature, right? Sadly, this isn’t located anywhere in Hawai’i. I wish. No, this tree is actually located in Berea. It’s weird how much I miss the scenery of small town, KY. I can’t help it. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and it’s even more beautiful in the mountains. But spring is pretty amazing, too.

While everything back home is in the process of dying, I’m here in Honolulu surrounded by warmth and green grass. I’m sure some things die (or in the process of doing so), but for the most part, I am trapped in a perpetual summer. The thing is that the scenery here is so different from things back in the South. This should honestly come as no surprise. But sometimes I like to think about home (yes, even small town, KY) and how beautiful it all is. This photo reminds me of some of the beauty I can find when I’m at home. Vegetation is everywhere in the mountains and valleys. And just like here in Hawai’i, when everything is alive and buzzing, they are magnificent. I think my favorite time of year, probably right after the changing of the leaves in autumn, is when the flowers first start to bloom. Seeing trees clothed in white and tulips of every conceivable color popping out the ground is so amazing to me.

In a way, this photo makes me miss the coming winter. I love snow. And though I am thankful for 80 degree weather and brightly colored flowers everyday, I also miss the cycle that everything goes through back home. I miss watching the colors fade, feeling the air get crisp, and the land fall silent as it sleeps. And then when spring comes, everything starts to arise from its slumber, the colors intensify and the air becomes soft with the sounds of life. How can I not love that, especially as a photographer? But there’s still much to appreciate about the yellow sun and crystal blue waters of the islands. This is exactly what I wanted. It sucks that I still have a few weeks left before I can fully enjoy living in such a beautiful place. I can’t wait to explore and get lost in it all. I’m thinking that I want to explore one cool place everyday and document it with pictures. Surf and whale watching season will be in full swing by then; I’m so ready.

No matter how much I miss home sometimes, no matter how much I may get used to the same daily routine and weather forecast, I know that my life is just as beautiful as the flowers above. There is so much to do and see in the world. I don’t want to miss any of that life that has sprung for me.


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