Hell’s Angels (Part 1)

Happy hump day/Thanksgiving Eve! I hope this post finds you well. For anyone on the East coast, I hope you’re staying warm and enjoying the snow. I am green with envy. I miss snow…but anyway. In my free time before I go to my “writing group” to work on my Disney Princess research paper, I thought I’d finally delve into all of the photos I have been meaning to post for months now. So let’s do it:

You might remember a post from this past July that included a little sneak peek of a photo shoot I had with my friends Brandy and Peytone. Now that I have the free time, how about taking a closer look at some of the final images from that session?

Angels 6

In case you don’t remember, that’s Peytone. :]

At the time these pictures were taken, I was working on my final portfolio for my photography class. When I approached Brandy and Peytone about helping me, they were beyond eager. Then came the focus on the color red. Both of them had their old prom dresses sent to them for us to use. And since Berea is beautiful in the spring, we traversed across campus looking dapper and turning heads.

For Peytone’s first official time being in a session with me, she did some great work. The above picture is one of my favorites from that entire session, and most people agreed. You know you’ve done something right (even when there are all kinds of flaws in the image) when someone’s family is begging to pay for prints. I think for me, this shoot was a little less about technique (which was exactly what I was supposed to be working on for my portfolio) and more about playing around with color and having fun. In some ways, as much as I squeezed out in terms of learning in my photography class last semester, I think I’m still the kind of photographer who enjoys taking pictures simply because it’s fun. I want to improve my technique yet I also just like taking pictures whether or not they can be considered amazing by a professional. Working with Peytone really made that distinction stand out to me.

Angels 7 Angels 8









What I loved so much about this shoot was how graceful Brandy and Peytone looked. Of course, in real life, neither of them are that way. I always have bloopers and random outtakes from my sessions, and the one I have for this still cracks me up every time I see it. Believe me, my friends are the least graceful people I know, but that’s exactly what makes these photo shoots so worth it. Photography is often said to be a slightly distorted reflection of reality. And a photographer can manipulate a photo and force the viewer to see exactly what they want them to see. But I don’t think that’s something I ever really attempt to do (without real purpose anyway). Though my friends make faces and have obnoxiously loud mating calls, they also have moments like these when they are so regal and distinguished.

I think it’s because of the color red.

Angels 9

I’ve honestly always wanted to do an entire photo shoot in prom dresses. These photos alone reminded me why I love taking photos of my models looking like royalty. I think it all goes back to my “fashion roots.” And one day I’m going to make it happen. The dream is that everyone will look classy but that the actual locations will be trashy. It’s been done before by several photographers and I love how those types of photos turn out.

Until I get to do such a session, I am planning all kinds of other reunion shoots. As usual, I’ve been scheming with my friend Lauren. She is always finding ways to feed my inspiration. She is such an artistic enabler and I love her for it. In the mean time, some great photographic things are scheduled for this weekend. Just know that the beach and dance are involved. Mwahahaha!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, and don’t go crazy with the Black Friday shopping. I promise it’s not really worth it. Aloha!


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