Monochrome Monday #69 (Hell’s Angels Part 2)

Happy Monday! I hope this post finds you well as you come off your Thanksgiving break. My Thanksgiving ended up being much more delightful than I anticipated. Cooking for people might be my new thing, and I can say without a doubt that once I settle down and start a family, my house will more than likely be the gathering place for the holidays. But anyway. I have a new Monochrome Monday for you, a special post that is a continuation of the look into my springtime session with Brandy and Peytone:

It is very rare that I ever post more than one photo for an MM post, but today I figured I would do something different.

MonoAngel 1

First up is Brandy. I think it’s been officially decided that once Brandy is a famous Broadway/Hollywood actress, I will be in charge of all of her glamour shots (or at least, I decided that officially). I love working with this girl simply because she’s always willing to be a model. Even more, Brandy’s usually always down for doing really epic nerdy shoots, but we put that on hold to do the very glamour shots that I hope will one day help her to become famous. (Or not. I don’t actually know how famous she wants to be.) Still, I have always prided myself on doing head shots. They’re simple enough (real photographers everywhere are wagging their heads in shame), and I feel like every head shot is different. Each one matches the character of the model in some capacity. This one (and the one below) reminds me a little of old Hollywood. (Oooo, an old Hollywood vintage shoot would be so cool! Idea!)

MonoAngel 2

MonoAngel 3

Aw, every time I see the photo immediately above, I laugh a little. Mostly because both Brandy and Peytone are short and they had to slouch a lot to get their legs to reach the opposite wall. Also, since both are living as perpetual 12 year olds, the whole “sex appeal” thing isn’t necessarily their strong suit. But I also love that they willingly gave themselves over to this. I love when my models aren’t afraid to try new things.

MonoAngel 4

It took me ages to get Peytone to do a session with me. As often as she would tell me that she wanted to be in a session, she was far too lazy to let it happen. But as soon as she came into this shoot, I could tell it was meant to be. And I’m still rather pleased with how these images turned out. Peytone is basically a younger version of me. Cynical, sarcastic, uncertain about pretty much everything. But she’s still an amazing individual. Like me, she is capable of achieving amazing feats without even realizing it. And though I have to push her (a lot) sometimes, when it really counts, she’ll deliver. Just like in these photos.

MonoAngel 5

I couldn’t be happier with this shoot. It was simple, it was fun. Working with Peytone and Brandy was hilarious, and I miss them dearly. But no matter how much I look at this graceful side of them, I know that they haven’t changed. They’re still the crazy, lazy, obnoxious noise-making girls I know and love.

Be on the lookout for some photos from a recent mini session I had yesterday. Despite the rain, I think things turned out well. Have a great Monday!


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