Inspiration Station: Winter

Oh, hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any inspiration, so I figured that would be nice. Winter is just around the corner (as if that means anything to me given the nature of my location…), and it’s one of my favorite times of year to go out and take pictures. But since I won’t have a real winter (or real as I’ve come to know it), I thought, instead, that you all could use the inspiration:

As I usually note with these inspiration collages, none of this work is my own, but recognizing the work of others is a great way to see new and amazing things to influence your own practice.

Winter Inspiration

There’s a lot of bokeh and snow in these pictures, two things I am fascinated by. There’s just something about winter that fills me with joy. Maybe it’s the crisp, coolness of the air or the desire to curl up in a warm blanket and read a good book while sipping hot chocolate. I am a fan of snowball fights and no school, scarves and fuzzy hats. Winter is just the perfect time of year. And yes, I know that shoveling snow is no fun, but I embrace the cold stuff. I love it and I doubt I will ever really grow out of that. I get chills just thinking about a winter wonderland! So get out there! Go take some pictures. Bundle up and embrace the suppressed silence of a world powdered white. Do it for me since I’m going to have to miss out on all of the magic this year. I promise you won’t regret it.


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